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How to Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02?

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There can be nothing more frustrating than receiving recurring error messages while working on your computer. Not only are these error messages annoying, but they can also inhibit your productivity. Similar is the case with HP printers. Occasionally, when you place a print command from your computer, your HP printer fails to print, and instead, the HP printer displays error code 49.4c02 and inquires to restart.

This error message generally arises because of miscommunication between the printer and the computer that generates the print command. If not fixed appropriately, this could become a permanent problem, rendering your printer non-functional, as whenever you would start your printer, the error message would emerge within seconds. In case you are facing this error message on your computer and are seeking ways to fix it, we can help.

In this article, we’ll illustrate to you some easy ways to fix this issue. You can follow our below-mentioned simple steps or call us on our toll-free HP support number 1-888-479-5919 for expert assistance. Our trained technicians can help you effectively fix the error message in no time to bring back your HP Printers speed and performance.

Steps to fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02

HP Printer Error 49.4c02
Solution 1: Upgrade printer’s firmware

To update the printer’s firmware, you initially have to examine the Firmware Version running on your printer. For this,

  • Switch on your printer.
  • Once prepared, print a Configuration page.
  • Subsequently, go to the Administration or Information or the Configuration section in the menu.
  • Note down your printer’s present firmware version.
  • Now visit the HP’s drivers support website.
  • Tap on “Enter my HP model number” and enter your printer model name. The support page will launch for that printer.
  • Now choose your Windows version below the Operating system.
  • Tap on the Firmware section.
  • Newest Firmware will be displayed on top. Tap on the Download button to download it.
  • Then, run the Firmware Update Utility.
  • Choose your Printer from the drop-down list. Tap on Send Firmware to update your printer’s firmware to its newest version.

Solution 2: Update Drivers to PCL6 Driver

Using PCL6 drivers for HP printers is known to fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4 c02. Though, to install PCL6 drivers, you initially have to download it. For this,

  • Visit HP’s driver’s support website.
  • Now, enter your printer model name.
  • This will open the support page.
  • Choose your Windows version below the Operating system.

    HP Printer Error 49.4c02
    Windows version under Operating system
  • Now tap on the Driver- Universal Print driver to expand it.
  • Seek HP Universal print driver for windows PCL6 & tap on the download button to download it.
  • Run the downloaded file to the location of your preference.
  • Tap Unzip to begin the installation process.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

Solution 3: Print PDF as Image

If you are attempting to print a PDF file that has complex fonts, then it can mess up your printer’s memory and lead to Error 49.4C02. To counter this issue, you require to print your PDF file as an image. For this,

  • Initially, clear the print queue.
  • After that restart the printer.
  • Now open the PDF that you were trying to print.

    HP Printer Error 49.4c02
    Open the PDF
  • Click Windows key + P to open the Print Window.
  • Now hit on the Advanced button.
  • Put a check next to the ‘Print As Image’ box.
  • Tap OK and Print the document.
  • Check if the issue has been fixed.

We wish that after following the above mention steps, you would have easily fix the HP Printer Error 49.4c02 of your own without any technical support. If not so or you come across any issue while doing so, no need to worry at all. Dial toll-free HP Customer Service Number 1-888-479-5919  to get in touch with experts to easily fix the error. We assure you to offer world clock solutions.

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