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HP Fax Error 388  

How To Fix HP Fax Error 388?  

While working on your computer, do you notice the message of Hp Fax Error 388 flashing on your screen? This means that there is a breakdown within the operating system if your computer. Technology is all about smooth running, followed by interruptions. Hence, if you are also dealing with the Hp Fax Error 388 in your operating system, then read this article completely to get a complete insight of the same and the appropriate measures to solve this error.

Causes of Hp Fax Error 388:

The Hp Fx Error 388 is caused if there is any breakdown in the operating system of your computer. Although you can’t just get to know whether there is any breakage or not inside your computer, that is displayed to you in the form of the error. The main reason for the Hp Fax error 388 is the interruption to run appropriately among its regular procedure by a system’s element. So, it is a little difficult for the users to resolve this error, and mostly a proper trainer is needed to fix this issue. So, also mentioning some of the other errors-

  1. This error can be caused because of some malware or virus attacks in your
  2. The error can also occur because of any stopped working setup or incorrect or uninstallation of a software program in our
  3. Error 388 can also occur due to the breakdown within the operating system on your computer.
  4. It can also occur due to improper shutdown of the system or if someone has deleted an essential system document from the

Solution To Fix HP Fax Error 388

Here are some of the solutions which you need to follow to resolve the Hp Fax Error 388-

Solution 1: Do a Fax Test

  1. Go to Start and then Control Panel of the printer, and then select
  2. Now swipe up and choose the Setup option
  3. Then select the Tools
  4. Then tap Test

After this, you will have to wait until your printer prints the documents, that is, the Fax Test Report, and thereafter examine the report.

If the printer passes the test, but still the error persists, then you need to examine the fax configuration which is provided by the document.

Solution 2: Select a different time to build a connection

  1. Firstly, try to set up the fax transmission at a different time when the telephone line situation has
  2. You can also deactivate the 34 on the receiving device and also try the transmission to make the use of the v.17 setting.

Solution 3: Plug in the cable of the printer into the socket, directly

  1. For this, you need to make sure that your fax is connected with the master phone outlet, without any extension or cord. So, this might remove the Hp Fax Error 388 from your computer.

Get in Touch with HP Printer Customer Support Number

If the Error Code still persists then you can HP Printer Customer Support Number . The experts will help you with the best solutions to solve your problems, and they are available 24X7 to help their customers.



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