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HP Envy Touchpad problems | HP envy touchpad not working

HP Envy Touchpad problems

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Do you have HP Envy Touchpad problems? You are at the right place. The advent of touchscreens has been a life changing experience for us humans. It has literally brought the world at our finger tips. Our laptops are heavily based on the successful implementation of touchpads.

Now if you own HP Envy, you also have experienced the unmatched joy of a smooth functioning laptop. However sometimes you can face problems such as your HP envy’s touchpad not working. 

Common reasons for HP Envy Touchpad problems

It is relatively rare for such devices to suffer from faulty touchpad operations. However, your device may have recently faced a technical mishap for this to happen. Below is a compilation list of a few reasons for your touchpad problems:

1. HP Envy Touchpad problems: A dirty or greasy touchpad:

The problem can be as simple as an unclean touchpad, which can cause such input errors. You should begin by making sure that your touchpad is free of any dust or grease.

2. If you haven’t enabled the touchpad usage facility from your laptop:

When you get a laptop, to begin using it you should enable its touchpad from the laptop settings itself. If the touchpad has not been enabled it can face working problems. A condition such as this can cause HP envy touchpad problems

3. Your touchpad driver can need an update:

It could also be that your touchpad driver has become outdated

4. It could be the result of a hardware issue:

Has your laptop been a victim of a water fight recently or has it undergone a hardware change. Problems like these can also cause your touchpad to stop working.

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Ways to fix these HP Envy Touchpad problems

Even though a problem with a touchpad is a fairly rare issue, its troubleshooting methods are easy to follow and implement. Before you decide to call up a technician, try some of these methods to troubleshoot your problem:

To enable your touchpad facility:

  1. You will find a panel for your touchpad on the upper corner of your laptop. Click on that two times and your touchpad shall be enabled.
  2. Another method for it is to visit the settings of your mouse, by pressing the windows key and X simultaneously. You will find a touchpad not working issue, click on it. You should make sure that on your device settings, the touchpad enable box is checked.
  3. Reboot to check if your HP envy touchpad problems have been solved or not. 

To update your touchpad driver:

Every computer device has two important parts to it. In case of problems, it is always possible that the issue is due to the software. You can solve this by following one of the two methods given below:

  1. The first way is to check if your touchpad driver is outdated, in such a circumstance, you should visit the official website and check if there is a new driver version available.  Download the latest version of the driver and install it. You should also check the driver’s compatibility with the OS of your HP envy.
  2. In the event that your driver has been corrupted with some virus, you should reinstall it altogether.

If the issue is in the hardware:

In most cases hardware issues refer to a problem in the motherboard. Your HP envy touchpad not working problem may be because of it falling or getting wet etc. If you are not an expert in technical hardware, it is recommended to call for help from the customer service.

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