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HP 61 black ink cartridge not printing

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HP 61 black ink cartridge not printing

Hp printers are a boon to the printing technology as they make the work so smoother and faster. The Hp printers have been used for several decades now, and thus has become the most trusted brand of almost every electronic gadget. People rely on any of the HP products, be it, laptop, desktop, printer, scanner, and whatnot, very quickly because they know it has the best service ever! But it may happen quite a lot many times that your HP printer starts to display certain errors, or not print accurately. For instance, it might also happen that your HP printer does not print at all! If you have bought the HP 61 Black Ink cartridge and it is not printing anything, then do not worry about our dear users! We are here to provide you with the exact solutions for the HP 61 black ink cartridge, not printing issue. So, continue reading this article to the very end!

HP 61 black ink cartridge not printing

Reasons behind HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge Not Printing:

There can be several reasons behind the issue of HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge, not printing. But a few of the possible reasons can be-

  1. If you do not use your printer that frequently, it might be possible that your printer’s ink nozzles have been dried up.
  2. The other reason can be a poor or a quite unstable connection between the carriage and the cartridge.
  3. There can also be that the fingerprint or oil tape residue can sometimes get on the gold and copper electrical contacts, so this can cease the Hp 61 black ink not reading anything.

Thus, here are a few reasons that can cause the Hp 61 black ink cartridge not printing or reading anything.

What to do if HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge Not Printing:

Here are some of the solutions that will help the users to fix the issue of Hp 61 black ink cartridge, not printing. Mostly the users get to see two types of errors, the error of Empty Cartridge and the error of Spotty, Streaky, or Light prints. So, both of these have their respective solutions-

  1. Empty Cartridge error or message-

If the Hp cartridge that you are using is a remanufactured one, then there is a chance of this “Empty Cartridge” or “Previously Used” cartridge, when you install it. It is because the remanufacturers are unable to reset the chips on the Hp 61 cartridge. This not at all means that you were sold with a cartridge that was empty or had no ink in it! It is only that because this remanufactured cartridge is refurbished, your printer will read it as if it is still the original cartridge that has been used already! To fix this error, you are required to clean the contacts, reset your printer, and acknowledge the empty cartridge message by clicking the “OK” or “Resume” button. Hence, this might solve your error.

  1. Spotty, Streaky or Light Prints error or message-

This is another kind of error message that is displayed on your print machine. If the print quality coming out of your Hp printer is poor, this means that there is an issue with your cartridge’s printhead. So, to fix this error, you need to start with these steps- you need a damp paper towel and blot the cartridge with the printhead side down onto the towel. You will notice ink appearing on the paper towel after blotting many times. You have to be very careful that you do not confuse your printhead with the gold and copper contacts or dots. After blotting on to the damp paper towel, hold the cartridge back in the machine, and then perform a test print. This might resolve this error and you won’t see such error messages again!

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