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Hp 5055 Printer

No doubt, a Hp printer is a perfect match for the users, especially in today’s generation. Not only Hp printers, but almost every electronic device is preferred by the users these days, and it is only due to its product guarantee, and developed trust among the hearts of the users for years. The Hp products have always proven to be the best, reliable, and affordable. One of the printers of Hp which we will be talking here about is the Hp 5055 Printer. Many users have been facing issues on “How to setup Hp 5055 Printer”. So, here is a well written and explained guide, that will direct you step by step, as to how you can set up this device on your own. Continue reading this article until the end and get the information needed.

How to setup Hp 5055 Printer:

Hp 5055 Printer, also referred to as the Hp Envy 5055 Printer, is a versatile and dynamic printer. It is a wireless printer, just matching the demands of these days. Therefore, being a wireless printer, you can connect it to your smartphone, laptop, computer (desktop), or even your tablet very easily. Multiple users can use just one printer. So, this can be the best for office use where multiple users in the office, sitting anywhere in the office, can make use of this printer, and take out their prints that too in the best quality. Yes, the print quality of this printer is just outstanding.

So, if you have bought an Hp 5055 Printer and looking on “How to setup Hp 5055 Printer”, all by your own, so, there can be various applications that can be used to set up a wireless setup connection on the printer. Here are the forthcoming steps that we have mentioned below. Go through them in order to associate your printer with your Windows device, wirelessly.

Steps on: How to setup Hp 5055 Printer-

This article is specifically for a Windows device. If you have a Windows device, then the wireless connection can be established via the built-in Wi-fi, Hp Wireless Direct, Hp Auto Wireless Connect, or the Bluetooth function. Follow the steps given below-

  1. The first step is to go to the Start Menu, then the Control Panel, and then to the Settings Menu on the printer, after turning your printer on.
  2. Then, shift downwards, and then choose the option of Wireless Settings.
  3. Then the next step is to select the option of Hp Envy 5055 Wireless Setup Wizard and then wait for a few seconds. This is because you need to halt and allow the Setup Wizard to turn on the Wi-fi of your printer.
  4. After the configuration, it will start to scan the networks which are available and the entire list will be displayed on the pinter’s LED.
  5. The next step that you need to follow is to activate your router. Make sure that your router is associated with a Wireless Access point which is having a strong, stable, and active internet connection. If you see the auto-connect mode activated, the printer will then automatically link to your wireless internet connection network.
  6. Then next step is to browse the entire list of the wireless internet networks being displayed on your printer’s LED, and then pick up the one that is yours (that is the desired network which you need to establish).
  7. Once you see that your wireless internet connection has been associated successfully, your printer will display a message on it’s LED stating that the connection is successful, and the printer is ready to use.
  8. You will also notice that the wireless light on your printer will change into blue color.

Hence, this is how to setup Hp 5055 printer, all by your own, for Windows device.

If you still face any problem while making the above setup, then do contact the Hp Customer Care Support Centre, so that the experts there can guide you with the best and accurate solutions so as to set up the Hp 5055 wireless printer.

Dial HP Printer Support Number to get in touch with Experts

If the error still persists then you can Dial HP Printer Support Number +1 (240) 775-8797 To get in touch with professional experts, who will fix your issue instantly. our technical persons are available 24×7,365 days for your assistance.

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