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How To Setup Canon Pixma G3200 Printer And Connect To Wifi

canon pixma g3200 printer

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You getting a wonderful product to get colorfully pictured all your thoughts, dreams places physically. Those pictures bring out the life into the images, just imagine. Great! So we are here with All-in-one Canon Pixma G3200 Printer. The particular printer with dimensions of 6 inches x 17.6 inches x 13 inches has given appreciable outcomes with high-quality printing, and cost-effective products. Connects with wireless network and with mobile phones also, comes up with the warranty of 1 year.  let’s see Canon Pixma G3200 printer specifications


Brand: Canon

Printing Technology: Ink-jet

Connectivity: Wifi /USB

Printing speed: 8.8 images black per minute / 5 colorful in a minute

Sheet size: 8.5 x 14 inches

Dimensions: 6 x 17.6 by x 13 inches

Weight: 12.7 pounds

Warranty: 1 year

Max. Sheet size: 8.5 x 11.7

Scanning type: Flatbed

Max. Resolutions: 600 x 1200 dpi (Optical) / 19,200 x 19,200 dpi (Interpolated)

To elaborate more Canon Pixma G3200 is also called as all in one printer this is because an excellent performer known for its long-term use. The printer allows the continuous flow of the ink without leaking out as these print heads got upgraded and improved, there is one mega tank reservoir to store ink-black into it, and 3 for color ink.

Install Canon G3200 printer to grab the features it has, it has the capability to print approx 6000 sheets in black and up to 7000 colorful sheets, prints borderless photos, that comes up with ink replacement bottles; if a user can replace these inks after use with another then it could eliminate the cost of repair services, you can use the printer and can print images through your mobile phones too.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Wireless setup

One of the intriguing features of the canon G3200 is it notifies when the ink critically gets low into the tank and also when it is completely full of the level. The printer comes up with a bulk of replaceable inks so you won’t run out of the ink.

You can connect canon Pixma G3200 with the local wifi and have the benefit of Pixma G3200 Wireless setup to function, also Canon G3200 supports a few mobile phones and doesn’t even have to wait for the prints the high speed and maintenance of the printer heads will give you more than expected results.

Steps To Setup Canon Pixma G3200 Printer

Basically, you can connect your Canon Pixma with the wireless network, it gets connected with your windows computer, Mac, and Android. Here, first of all, we will see Canon Pixma G3200 connect to wifi. Canon Pixma G3200 connect to wifi in two ways:

  1. Through wireless network.
  2. First, download the file and run it on the computer.

Connect Canon Pixma G3200 Printer To Wifi

Method 1: Wireless Connect to Printer

This would just take you minutes to execute and seconds to understand the process to connect printer. Remember first to start and run on the printer to install Canon G3200 printer before connecting your mobile phones or other devices ready to get connected with wifi.

  1. Turn ON the printer for Pixma G3200 setup wait for a while till it performs internal functions cleaning and alignment to get finished.
  2. Next, press the Wifi button hold the wi-fi button until the light flash is ON, which indicated the wi-fi is turned on and ready to get connected.
  3. First press the green color button and then press the Wifi button that’s connecting Canon G3200 Printer to wifi.
  4. Wifi lamp will keep flashing on and off be certain that after turning on the wifi it will get connect with the respective wifi when you will see light flashes quickly. Make sure the ON light is lit.
  5. Now you are ready to work further with your fresh Canon Pixma printer.

Method 2: Download and Install Driver

Moving further to the next method to Download and Install the Driver and connect  printer with the wireless network.

Follow the steps and this is how the Canon G3200 connect to wifi: 

  1. Visit Canon’s official site and get the setup file.
    Meticulously read the information mentioned in the setup File for  Pixma G3200 Setup
  2. Next, download the setup file by clicking on it and running it on your device.
  3. Select Start Setup.
  4. Select the country then move to next.
  5. Further, the License Agreement will pop up on the screen, allowing it to tap yes.
  6. Select agree/disagree on the survey.
  7. Click next on the firewall setting screen.
  8. Allow the connection method: your model series number will appear on the screen showing the process.
  9. The select wireless router option will appear to enter your network key and get connected
  10. Connection competed’ tap yes.
  11. Tap next, after setup is complete. You are just a step ahead in connecting Canon G3200 printer to wifi.
  12. Select software application: on the screen, you will be given options to select a software application, and chose the one you want.
  13. You can print from… select next
  14. Click Skip/next for User Registration.
  15. Congratulations!! select the exit; you have successfully installed the Pixma G3200 wireless setup and now you are completely ready to use the printer wirelessly.

Now, it must be clear to you how to set up a wireless connection and connect your printer. In case you face any obstacles or If Yet Unable To Connect Canon Pixma G3200 Printer To Wifi Talk To Our Experts, we are here to guide you with the steps. So that you can efficiently use the Canon Pixma.

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