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Error 0x800703F1

How to fix Error 0x800703F1 in Windows 10?

Microsoft’s newest OS update is the Windows 10. The update process is similar to the ones before, however some people might face an error or two in the update process. This article will tell you all about dealing with and fixing one common issue being faced, the Error 0x800703F1.

What Reason behind Windows 10 Error 0x800703F1?

This error code signifies a couple of issues and reasons, such as:

  • The parts of your update file have been a victim of a corrupt bug which eventually leads to the error.
  • It could also be because of some missing files on your device.

How to fix Windows 10 Error 0x800703F1?

Before you proceed to fix the error, there is something you should check regarding the service.

  • While on your homepage, press on Win and s simultaneously and check the results.
  • You should see a service window pop out below which you will see the status of some of the services.
  • If these below mentioned services are in the incorrect modes, you should change them appropriately and re-check if the Error 0x800703F1 has been solved or not.
  • You should find that there are four manual services regarding BITS, Windows update service, medic services and an Installer.
  • The other three services left should be automatic.

Other solutions for Windows 10 Error 0x800703F1

In case the methods provided above, were not successful in helping you in fix the Error 0x800703F1, then follow some of these solutions as well:

Try an SFC

It is possible that your update process has been hindered because of a system file which has been corrupted or damaged. For such situations, Microsoft has an inbuilt system file check (SFC) program. We have compiled a few simple steps which can help you in running it:

  • With the help of administrative rights, open the command prompt.
  • When the page opens, type in sfc/ scannow and hit the enter key.
  • The system will check if there are any corrupt or missing files.
  • The whole thing may take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Once it is done, you can restart the system once again and check if the Error 0x800703F1 has been solved or not.

Remove any Nividia drivers

In many computer devices, drivers are installed which are required to communicate smoothly with the Windows. It is noted in many cases that simply installing these drivers can solve Error 0x800703F1. After you are done with the removal process, shut your system down and then turn it on again. You should check for the error once again after installing them.

Re-establish the windows update component

It could also be that the bug is a result of some corruption in the update components. To beat this, you will have to restart and renew all those components once again. You can follow the steps provided below:

  • You should open the run dialogue box by pressing Windows and R at the same time.
  • By clicking on Control, shift and hit enter after typing in ‘cmd’. Make sure this is done while the user is signed in as the admin.
  • You will see a few codes prompted before you, press ‘enter’ after each of them.
  • After you are done with the entire procedure, turn your windows on and off once again.

A Clean Boot

Another way to fix Error 0x800703F1 would be to do a clean boot on any third party apps,

  • Begin by launching a system configuration, which would lead to all Microsoft provided services being disabled for a while.
  • Visit the boot tab and mark the safe boot option so that your device goes into safe mode after a quick restart.
  • Then proceed to update your device to Windows 10 once again, and it should happen without any error.

You should be able to update your Windows 10 without any issues after applying the methods mentioned above, however if it isn’t the case, feel free to contact any of Microsoft’s customer support helplines, online or offline.

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