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How to Fix Netgear Router Red light [FIXED]

Netgear Router has a red light

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You must have seen that your Netgear Router has so many different LED lights on it. Ever wondered what those lights mean? They signify the different aspects of your Wi-Fi connectivity and their status. Sometimes your Netgear Router has a red light in the place of the internet. It may signify a technical error in your modem. 

Reasons for a Netgear Router Red light

If you catch sight of a red light in your router, it can have a handful of reasons behind it. We have listed some very common causes for this below:

  1. It can be a problem from the side of your service provider.
  2. It can signify an error code from your system.
  3. It may also because of a hardware issue in the cables.
  4. When your Netgear’s incoming power supply is not enough, a red light begins blinking.
  5. It signifies the overlapping of a network session with another.
  6. You can have a firmware issue in your router.
  7. It might also simply be because of a slow internet connection.

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How can you solve a Netgear router red light issue?

A problem like this can generally be solved by laymen like us. So before calling up your technician, make sure to give these solutions a try:

  1. The most basic thing to try first is to switch off your router and switch it on again.
  2. Check to see if you have any Ethernet cables, if so change them and switch your router on again.
  3. After confirming that the internet error is not due to your service provider’s fault, then your Netgear router’s red light can also be fixed by restoring it to the original factory settings.
  4. Such an error can also be because of not updating your Netgear’s firmware. To fix this issue, you will have to install an up to date version of the firmware.

Apart from the red light, your Netgear can also face some other LED light issues, such as:

Netgear Router Red light

Your Netgear router’s power light is blinking green and orange.

Different LED lights signify different states of connection. Your power light displays the power status. You can follow the below mentioned steps to fix the issues, if any:

  1. Switch off the router and then back on, then check the status of your light.
  2. If the power light is blinking orange, it might not be getting enough power supply; you can fix this issue by fixing the outlet.
  3. If your Netgear router blinks green, it means it has connected.

If your Netgear router turns red:

If you have switched on your router and it turns red, then you can follow the mentioned steps to fix it all by yourself:

  1. From the search browser, go to netgear’s login page.
  2. Fill in your router login details.
  3. Check the network range and channel after entering the wireless settings.
  4. Correct all the settings and your Netgear router red light issue will be solved.

Your Netgear router’s light is blinking white:

Another common issue is when your Netgear router’s light is blinking white; you can get confused of not knowing the significance of that particular colour, in this scenario:

  1. Such a blinking LED means a problem with your firmware.
  2. If there’s a white light blinking, fix your corrupted firmware.
  3. A downside to this is that a system connected to it will not be allotted any IP address.
  4. Begin by rebooting your Netgear router blinking the white light. If it does not work, begin to reset the router to its factory default.
  5. Reconnect your Wo-Fi modem and it should start working again.
  6. If the problem still doesn’t solve, you will have to reinstall the firmware again.
  7. You can also try to determine the issue of the light by fixing it with an Ethernet cable directly.

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