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How to fix Code error 2000 0415 [Resolved]

Code error 2000 0415

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What is the code error 2000 0415?

Code error 2000 0415  deals with the issue of cables. If a particular cable wire turns loose, breaks or gets disconnected, you will likely see this error. This is a very small issue which can be solved easily by anyone, without needing to call in a technician. 

Apart from this, there can be a few other reasons for this error, such as

  • Bad network connection
  •  BIOS issues
  •  Virus or malware etc.


The code error 2000 0415 is a pretty common problem, which is seen in many systems, a few issues because of which it arises are:

  • While running an ePSA diagnostic tool.

This error occurrence is closely connected with this assessment diagnostic. 

  • If this error is displayed on your screen, immediately check upon all sensors and cables for anything out of the ordinary.
  • It could also be an indication to update your system’s BIOS; such an update will entail a correction in the hardware issues.

If you are planning on purchasing a printer, laptop or any such electronics, going for Dell is always a good choice. Its operations began in 1984, Austin, Texas. This American multinational company, manufacturers a large variety of computer related products and softwares.  

Now, if you have ever purchased their printers you have a first-hand experience of their superior quality products. The first thing to know about printers is that whenever it faces some technical issue with its operations, it will display it in the form of some error code. We have compiled all the ways to deal with one of them, the Code error 2000 0415.

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How to fix the code error 2000 0415?

We have compiled a few ways for you to go through and fix this error in your system:

  • The primary way to fix this issue would be to disconnect and reconnect all the cable wires attached in all the computer, keyboard, mouse ports etc. Make sure that none of them are damaged, broken or loose.
  • Another way to fix this error would be to fix the issue from its root problem, you can follow the below mentioned steps to troubleshoot this:
  1. It is pertinent for you to know that this diagnostic test is done to check the charging feature of the tablet.
  2. Begin by checking the connection status of the power adaptor and the tablet; make sure to connect it if it’s not.
  3. After you have connected the wire, an enhanced pre boot system evaluation will have to be run again.
  4. Now, to completely resolve the code error 2000 0415, assemble the cable back.
  5. Turn the system off and connect the wires and sensors all over again.
  6. Run the diagnostics one more time to see if the error has been resolved or not.

There are good possibilities that your error will have been resolved, using the abovementioned methods. However, if you continue to see it even after troubleshooting it would be wise to call the dell customer service for technical help for the code error 2000 0415.

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