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How to Fix Chrome Freezing Issues and Be Safe from Fraudsters

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Fraudsters have come up with a whole new technique of misleading Chrome users by freezing their web browsers and also showing protection alert with fake tech-support contact details. Their eventual aim would be to frighten possible victims and trick these people into calling the bogus helpline number on the watch’s screen.

How The Fraud Is Done?

The fraud operates by showing a problem warning suggesting a fake security breach occurrence that provides a web browser useless. These fraudsters take advantage of the reality that a significant accident cannot be fixed by merely shutting the website, hence delivering the users right into a freak out. This motivates them to call the phone number given on the caution warning message. On the other side of the phone line, the fraudsters usually present themselves as Microsoft or Apple associates to persuade people into giving up their PayPal or credit card information to correct a non-existing protection problem. The frauds are likely to be performed by means of genuine websites or malicious adverts which have been compromised. It is always recommended to sign up with a good online tech support company to ensure data protection.

How To Fix Such Issue?

To restore, Windows users just have to open up Windows Task Manager (Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys) and quit the tasks.Alternatively, MAC OS end users simply need to hold back until a system message shows up to shut the unresponsive Chrome tab. Generally, the second option is a more desirable choice given that end users might have the liberty to shut just the harmful web page. Manually shutting the entire browser indicates perhaps losing unsaved files in different open Windows. You should get in touch with a online browser support company like ExcelTechGuru to get your browser issues resolved immediately because if not resolved can lead to hacking of your valuable data and information.

We recommend to sign up with a good technical support company who will help you secure your data and always ensure you don’t get into any troubles. Contact online technical support company like Excel Tech Guru at their toll free number +1 (240) 775-8797

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