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How to Fix Canon Pixma MP250 Error

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Canon Pixma MP250 Error is most strong consisting of in-build all-in-one features. You get Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Canon Pixma MP250 is best for home and small-scale businesses. It takes 20 seconds maximum to print a picture. It has a scanner also. It is good for students who need scanning most of the time to save their certificates and other essential papers in form of soft copies. Canon Pixma MP250 has a copier that prints in black color. You can also enlarge the printout with the help of a copier. Canon Pixma MP250 also has some special feature that includes HD prints, Auto Duplex, calendar mode, and Borderless photo printing.

Canon Pixma MP250 errors

Everyone is familiar with that printer without error is just a dream. Anything based on technology shows some errors after spending some time. In the same way, the printer also shows the error when it has no ink on its ink cartridges or if the machine finds complications to run smoothly. The reason behind the errors could be anything. So, to understand every error reflected on the monitor has some specific alphanumeric number. That alphanumeric number indicates in which portion the printer is being troubled. So in this article, we will discuss the errors regarding MP250.

List of errors and their reasons: –

  1. Error E02: – This is the error that comes when there would be no paper in the tray to print.
  2. Error E03: – It comes when the paper tray is closed due to a paper jam.
  3. Error E04: – it happens sometimes printer cannot recognize the cartridges. It usually happens when you connect the buses of the printer in the wrong manner.
  4. Error E05: – Error E04 and Error E05 reflect on the monitor due to the same reason.
  5. Error E07: – When canon printer ink cartridge  fitted in the wrong direction then this error number reflects on screen
  6. Error E08: – When the Printer needs ink absorber replacement then this type of Error occurs.
  7. Error E13: – when the printer gets unable to identify the ink level then this error comes.
  8. Error E 14 and Error E15: – Both errors happen due to problems with Ink cartridges.
  9. Error E16: – The reason behind this error is no ink was found in the ink cartridges.
  10. Error P02: – When the carriages cannot move normally in the printer then this error shows by the printer.
  11. Error P03: – This error occurs commonly due to poor power supply. It is a line feed error.
  12. Error P07: – Error P07 and Error E08 are quite similar it happens only when the ink absorber gets full.
  13. Error P08: – This error happens when the printer print head gets faulty.

So these are the canon mp250 errors and the reason behind the errors. These errors have very basic reasons to occur. If you understand the reason behind the errors, then it gets quite easy to solve the printer errors. Printers are made to make your printing life easy so if there is some problem then there is a solution too. After reading all about the error, hope now solving the error regarding canon Pixma MP250 will not be that difficult.

Maintenance solutions of Canon Pixma MP250

Every machine needs service to run smoothly. It also helps the machine to work long and stay useful. If you will service your printer from time to time, then the percentage of showing error gets reduced. So, now we are going to share a few suggestions on what extra you can do to maintain your printer which helps you to get excellent prints. Suggestions are listed below: –

In canon Pixma MP250, there is a maintenance button that helps you to how to fix canon mp250 error or service the specific portion of the printer. For example: –

  1. “A” is for checking Nozzle
  2. “b” is used for Roller cleaning
  3. “U” is for page alignment
  4. “J” is for cleaning bottom plates
  5. “R” is for paper abrasion
  6. “D” is for switching paper size

Check the Nozzle: – There is a maintenance button on the Printer push till it shows “A”. After that press copy color button and if you see lines missing the pattern then it means it needs head cleaning. Cleaning your head will keep your prints always in better quality. You will not face the lines or misprints in the printed image.

Page Alignment: – Press the Maintenance button till the led on the printer does not shows “U”. After that press copy color button and if you get blurry prints then it means there is a problem in page alignment. Use automatic alignment to resolve the page alignment problem.

Roller cleaning: – The process is the same but the difference is now you have to press the maintenance button till the led displays “b”. Three sheets of plain paper are placed into the tray. Press the copy color button and start the cleaning as three sheets will come out your roller will be clean all the ink stuck at the roller will come on paper and the roller will be neat and clean.

Bottom plates: – You have to press the maintenance button again and wait for the letter “j” reflects on display. The process is the same press copy color button and if you find the stain on the paper then it means your bottom plates were dirty. It gets clean after attempting this procedure.

Paper abrasion: – You have to press the maintenance button and wait till the letter “r” is displayed on the led screen of the printer. Use quit thick paper for printing. Press the black color button to move through the printer and do the same with thin paper. The process will complete.

Switch the size of paper: – If you are intended to print on different paper sizes then you have to press the maintenance button and wait till the letter “d” is displayed on led screen of the printer. Choose the size of the paper by pressing the black button on the printer.

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