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Brother Printer Error Code 30

How To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 30?

Are you facing Brother printer error code 30 while working with your Brother printing device? Do not worry! You have landed on the correct page! Here you will find the actual possibilities as to why this error occurs in the printing device and the exact ways by which you can solve this error. So, continue reading the article until the end.
As we all are aware of how much this Brother printer device is considered by the people in the market in real-time. It is because of the amazing print quality and astounding and new features that the printer provides. Also, it has a top-quality fax and scan facilities for the users. But, since we are also aware of the fact that this is anyhow a technical device, and being a technical device, it is bound to face some technical glitches while working, and that is quite natural.

So, the users face several issues while working with their technical devices, thus, Brother printer error 30 is also an issue that the Brother printer faces, which needs to be solved as quickly as possible so as to resume the normal functionality of your printer.

Possible reasons behind Brother Printer Error Code 30

There can not be any fixed reason as to why any error has been occurred in the device, instead, there can be plenty of reasons. So, in the case of Brother Printer Code 30 as well, here we have discussed a few possibilities that can be somewhere responsible for causing the error.
Hence, the following are the reasons behind Brother Printer Error Code 30

  • This error might occur when both the springs that are located on either side of the carriage are out of their actual places (that is, they are displaced!).
  • The error can also occur when the print head carriage fails to return to its home position, which is
  • The error can also occur when the cartridge covers might not be properly locked at their exact places.

Thus, these are several possible reasons why the Brother Printer Error Code 30 is caused.

Solution To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 30

So, after knowing the possible reasons, here are certain solutions that need to be followed in order to resolve the Brother Printer Error 30. So, the solutions are mentioned below, that you need to follow stepwise.
Solution 1

  1. In this solution, the first step is to open the cover of the scanner with the help of plastic tabs (at the left and right side of the machine).
  2. Then the next step is to shift the print head and bring it to the middle.
  3. Then you have to make sure that there is no piece of paper or anything stationary kept in there!
  4. Once you have cleared everything and checked it all, close the cover and try printing a sample document again from your printer.
  5. If you still find Brother Printer Error Code 30 popping up on your screen, then go to Solution 2.

Solution 2

  1. In the second set of the solution, the first step is to hold the scanner cover by using the plastic tabs (mentioned in solution 1) into an open position, carefully.
  2. Then, slide the print head again, but this time to the right side under the cover. This will ensure that there is a clean encoder strip from within.
  3. Then next, by the help of the lint-free cloth, grab the encoder strip firmly on both sides and then scrub the cloth down the strip, at least three times, from one end to another end.
  4. Try printing a sample document now, and check the status of the error.
  5. If you still find the Brother Printer Error Code 30 present in your device, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3

  1. In the third set of the solution, you have to check the position of the encoder strip (it has to be at its correct place!).
  2. Then, open the printer and again insert the strip.
  3. After that, you are required to restart your printer and again try printing a sample document in order to check the printing quality.

If you are still facing Brother Printer Error 30 Then Contact Brother Printer Customer Support.

Contact Brother Printer Customer Support Number

You can contact Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-888-479-5919 To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 30. our experts are available 24X7 to help with the best advice to solve your issue.

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