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How to Connect Brother hl-l2350dw Printer to Computer +1 (240) 775-8797

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Brother’s HL-L2350DW printer is an efficient office accessory that prioritizes user convenience. Connectivity with your computer can enhance the benefits you enjoy from this device even further. The Brother HL L2350DW Setup printer as a compact printer looks good in any area of your house or business. The printer produces printouts of excellent quality. Go through the instructions in the subsequent articles to set your printer. You can also obtain help configuring your printer’s hardware and software by getting in touch with our technical support staff. Here, we’ll explain how you can connect your Brother HL-L2350DW printer to a computer. 

Checking The Basics

Before delving into the connectivity process, ensure your Brother HL-L2350DW printer is unboxed properly and has paper and toner cartridges installed. Connect its power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet and then switch it on.

How to Reset Brother HL L2350DW Toner ?

– If the Brother HL L2350DW Setup printer was previously switched off, power it on.

– Press the Back or Clear button.

– The screen now shows the Reset menu.

– Set the toner cartridge’s colour and size that has to be reset.

– To reset the cartridge, press 1.

– Press either Black or Clear.

– After the reset is finished, close the access cover.

How to do Brother hl-l2350dw Wifi Setup ?

One method to connect the Brother HL L2350dw printer is by wireless network connection. This guide will take you through setting up a stable WiFi connection.

– Begin by switching on your printer.

– On its control panel, click ‘Menu’.

– Use arrow keys to select ‘Network’ > ‘WLAN’ >‘Setup Wizard’.

– Accept activation of WLAN by pressing ‘Yes’.

– The printer will display available networks when it finishes scanning. Choose your network using arrow keys and press ‘OK’.

– Input your password if needed and select ‘Apply’; confirm changes by clicking accept when prompted & brother hl-l2350dw Wifi Setup is done.

Direct USB Connection

You can also link your Brother HL L2350dw Printer directly using a USB cable.

– Start by powering on both the PC and Printer.

– Using a compatible USB cable, plug one end into the printer’s USB port; put in the other end in an open port on your computer.

Software Installation 

After physically connecting, install appropriate drivers for proper functionality of the Brother HL L2350dw Printer.

For Windows:

a) Insert supplied CD-ROM in computer or download software from Brother’s official website.

b) Launch installation program then choose language.

c) Select ‘Install MFL-Pro Suite’. Follow the instructions.

d) When asked ‘how is the Printer connected?’ select your established connection. The software will install with this configuration.

For MacOS:

a) Download Brother’s printer driver package from its official site.

b) Open and execute the downloaded file, agreeing to the terms of use.

c) Follow displayed prompts, choosing your established printer connection when asked.

Running a Test Print

–  The final step in connecting your Brother HL L2350dw printer is testing it for successful functionality.

–  On Windows: Choose ‘Start’ > ‘Control Panel’ > ‘View Devices & Printers’. Right-click on Brother HL-L2350DW series and choose ‘Printer Properties’, then click ‘Print Test Page’.

–  On Mac: Access ‘System Preferences’, then go to ‘Printers & Scanners’. Select Brother HL-L2350DW and choose ‘Open Print Queue…’. Click  ‘Printer’ in the title bar, then select ‘Print Test Page’. 

Brother HL L2350DW Printer Troubleshooting

Brother HL L2350dw Not Printing

– Verify that the toner cartridges are correctly inserted and operating.

– If the toner cartridge is broken, replace it.

– Verify the printer’s power supply.

– Utilizing a surge protector during the power connection process is not advised as it may result in power fluctuations.

– Make sure the appropriate papers are placed in the paper tray.

– Check the print settings.

– Look for and clear any paper jams in the printer.

– If the issue with the Brother HL L2350DW setup printer not printing persists, get in touch with our technical support staff for additional fixes at +1 (240) 775-8797.

Brother HL L2350dw Offline

– Verify that your computer and Brother HL L2350DW setup printer are connected.

– Make sure the printer and computer are linked to the appropriate network of a router or access point if you are connecting the devices wirelessly.

– Additionally, see if your router has a live internet connection.

– Verify that the USB cable is connected to the appropriate port on the computer and printer before using a wired connection to link the devices.

– For additional assistance if the Brother HL-L2350DW printer offline problem continues, get in touch with our technical support staff.


Connecting a Brother HL L2350dw printer to your computer can significantly boost productivity. Begin by setting up either a wireless or USB connection, followed by installing necessary drivers for appropriate functioning. Finally, ensure everything works correctly by conducting a test print. This integration should result in seamless printing capabilities that enhance your computing experience.

In conclusion, the Brother HL-L2350DW offers effective printing alternatives along with USB and wireless networking choices. You can add even more dynamic elements to your workspace by properly configuring your device. Recall that initial setup should be done correctly, including loading paper and resetting the toner. From there, you can select a wired or wireless connection depending on which one best meets your requirements. Even though it might appear complicated at first, setting up your system will go more smoothly if you follow these exact directions. Please contact our technical support for more help if you run into any problems during installation or when connecting it to your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this blog about?

A: This blog provides a comprehensive guide for setting up the Brother HL-L2350DW printer to computer and wifi.

Q: Can I find instructions for wireless setup?

A: Yes, the blog includes detailed steps to set up your printer wirelessly.

Q: Is there any troubleshooting guidance available? 

A: Absolutely, the blog provides solutions for common issues related to Brother HL-L2350DW.

Q: I can’t seem to resolve my problem with this guide – what should I do?

A: If you experience further issues, reach out directly via our Live Chat or call us at +1 (240) 775-8797.


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