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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Antivirus Software

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At Excel Tech Guru, we offer online antivirus tech support services. Our IT experts can work with a variety of antivirus software, offering optimum security for your systems.

We’re often asked which program works best. The answer? The one that works well with your particular system.

An antivirus program must have all basic features required for comprehensive system security. It should be well-suited for your OS and match well with applications.

Here are some of the other questions, we frequently come across:

1. Does free antivirus programs work?

Yes and no. You’ve heard the saying—you get what you pay for. While free antivirus software may scan your computer and catch some malicious software, they are not sophisticated enough to catch each and every security threat.

A lack of other features, such as robust online scanning and 24/7 protection, make them unattractive. What’s the point of having antivirus software if you still have to worry about your system? We recommend going for a reputed antivirus service, such as the ones from Norton or Avast.

2. Should we have all three of antivirus, antimalware and antispyware?

It depends on which antivirus program you’re using for your system.

Antivirus software usually protect against malware too. Some may even protect against spyware. For example, MacAfee scans offer antivirus and antispyware protection. Other antivirus software may not provide sufficient protection.

Call our MacAfee antivirus support services to learn more about the software and if it’s the best solution for your system. Particularly, mention if you’re having ongoing problems with spyware.

3. Should you run two antivirus scanners together?

It is usually not recommended as one can interfere with the other. In some cases, it’s alright to use two. For example, if one of those only offer manual scans while the other provides security in real-time, then they may work together.

Yet, in others, you might not even be able to install new antivirus software if another one is already installed. This takes us to the next question…

4. Should you uninstall the software to install another?

If you’re only upgrading to the latest version of the same software, then you don’t need to uninstall. But if the existing version is older than a few versions, uninstalling might be required. If you do uninstall, reboot the device before you install the new one.

If you’re switching to completely new software, then uninstalling the previous one is compulsory. Again, reboot the system before installing the new antivirus.

5. How much maintenance does the antivirus requires?

Starting for installation, it requires proper setup for your system. Then, routine manual scans follow. Scans must be conducted and reviewed every day or once a week.

Checking the status of the software and ensuring that the program is up-to-date is also essential. Then, you should make sure subscription doesn’t runs out, leaving you vulnerable in the cruel cyber world.

Our tech support staff ensures 24/7 services for Norton, Avast, MacAfee, VIPER, ESET and Kaspersky antivirus programs. Visit our website, call our toll free number +1 (240) 775-8797, or simply write to us at for antivirus support and services.

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