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[Fixed] Netgear Router Setup without Modem

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Netgear Router Setup without Modem

In recent years Wi-Fi routers are fast becoming very popular devices for internet user’s homes and offices to connect various devices with the internet, but most common men even now days are not able to understand their utility for their home or office.

This is a fact that a large number of internet users who are beginners, do not even realize the benefits of a Wi-Fi router over a wired modem. 

In simple words, a Wi-Fi router can connect various devices within other networks by forwarding data packets between them. This data could be easily transferred between devices connected to the cyber world (internet).

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In General terms, a router is assigned a local IP address and then this router assigns the same class IP addresses to every device connected to the home or office network.

This ensures that the data reached its correct place, in spite of data being lost within the home network. Just like a postman with limited information, could easily deliver a product to the wrong house.

Thus a Wi-Fi router ensures that every electronic device like PC, Laptop, or Tablet has a unique number so that the data packet reaches the correct address.

Easy Way to Setup Netgear Router Without Modem

Now if an internet user wants to set up a Netgear router without a modem then they will have to follow a simple process given below:

Method 1:

  1. Firstly users will have to unplug the router’s power cords and if users have a backup battery on their device, then they will have to remove it (on a temporary basis).
  2. Secondly, Internet users can use a Cat5 Ethernet cable for connecting the modem to the Netgear router’s internet port.
  3. Now Internet users can take another Ethernet cable for connecting their operating system to the Netgear router’s LAN ports.

 Note: Now users should reinsert that battery into their device. Once everything is set up users should wait until all lights become stable.

Method 2:

  1. Then users will have to reconnect the power cord to the Netgear router and wait for a few moments until the power light becomes green.
  2. Now Internet users can open the web browser of their choice and then they should type Netgear router’s IP address in the address bar. The Netgear router’s IP address may be either “” or “”.
  3. After entering the IP address, the user must hit the Enter button in order to log into Netgear router settings.
  4. The next thing the user can do is to enter default login credentials at the Netgear login page and since login credentials are case sensitive, so they should enter them properly.
  5. Now if for any reason users are unable to log into Netgear router settings then they should perform a factory reset to reset the router to its default settings.
  6. After resetting the Net gear router to factory setup, users must tap on <Advanced> Setup wizard.

Note:   Now users will be redirected to a window, where users will be asked if they want to detect the type of internet connection. On this page, users should click on the checkbox, and then they should hit the Next button. Now Netgear Setup Wizard will detect the internet connection type, and users will have to wait for some minutes to finish the process.


Note: when the Network setup is finished, A Congratulation message will be displayed on the user’s computer’s screen. On the congratulation webpage, Users will have to click on the option “Take me to the internet” for testing internet connectivity.


Thus we can see that this is a very easy process to set up a Net gear router without a Modem that even a layman can use to set up his or her Net gear router without a modem.

Through one of these approaches, the issue of the Netgear Router Setup without Modem should get fixed, however, if the problem still persists then one can refer to the professional help and contact them.

We hope by now you have effectively solved the issue of the Netgear Router Setup without Modem.

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Netgear Router Setup without Modem

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