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How to fix HP Envy x360 touchpad not working issues?

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Hewlett- Packard commonly known as HP is an American multinational computer hardware and software manufacturing company. They are most famous for their high quality laptops.  Customers trust HP for their smooth functioning technology and unmatchable functions. If you own HP Envy x360, we don’t have to tell you all about its amazing performance. However you can also sometime face problems like, HP Envy x360 touchpad not working.

It is essentially the most used part of the laptop; your touchpad is constantly being operated by several different people. It is only natural that sometimes an issue can arise.

Common Reasons Why HP Envy x360 touchpad not working

Now if your touchpad is facing operation issues, it can only have two reasons.

  • Hardware – One of the most obvious reason is that, it’s hardware could have external damages. In case your device is very old, then it could be due to wear also in which case you will have to arrange for a replacement.
  • Software – The other reason can be a software issue, we will also guide you to detect and solve it, below.

Ways to fix HP Envy x360 touchpad not working issues

1. Enable it

More often than not, troubles like these have fairly easy solutions. If your HP Envy x360 is a recent purchase and its touchpad is not working off the bat, you should not panic. It could be because the touchpad has not been enabled. There are a few ways to try, in a situation like this:

  • Your x360 will have a dot on the upper corner of its screen, tap on it twice and enable the touchpad.
  • Another method would be to click on the settings from a menu that pops up after pressing the Windows key. There will be an option for HP Envy x360 touchpad not working. Visit additional options from there.
  • Go to the settings tab for your device and see if the touchpad is enabled.
  • Restart your device and check if it works or not

2.Software changes

Another way to solve this would be to fix the software of your touchpad. All external parts of a computer system come with their drivers. They are the brains of the external hardware. To go about fixing the touchpad, you should first check whether its software has any issues or not.

  • Restart your system, while it restarts press F10. You will be redirected to the BIOS page, move your cursor around to check if it works or not.
  • If the cursor works, it is a clear indication to a software issue, and you can begin your HP envy x360 touchpad not working by following the below mentioned steps:
  • The primary method would be to let your driver be updated, which can be done easily in a few minutes.
  • For a manual update, visit the official website of the driver manufacturer and download the latest updates. Then after making sure of its compatibility with your system, install it on your device and run it.
  • If the problem wasn’t fixed even after this, it could be because the driver has been corrupted. In such a case, you will have to install the driver after removing it completely once.

3.Hardware changes

If all attempts to fix the issue have failed, it clearly indicates to a hardware issue. You can use the below mentioned guide to fix it:

  • Visit the troubleshooting option from the control panel.
  • Go to hardware and devices and click on next.
  • The process of resolution should begin after that, wait for it to end completely.
  • The screen will display an onscreen wizard which should display a few steps; they are to be followed to fix the sensor issues.
  • Reboot your system one more time and check if HP envy x360 touchpad not working issue has been solved or not.
  • If this method also did not work, it could be that the touchpad of your laptop requires a replacement.:

Other reasons

  •  The primary thing to check would be if your laptop has recently been in any mishap. Its touchpad could have suffered damage from a fall etc.
  • Your touchpad could also have been disabled accidentally. It often happens when users press a key combination randomly.

 If none of the ways listed above helped in fixing your HP envy x360 touchpad not working issue, connect to the customer service at
+1 (240) 775-8797 from our experts  and request for technical assistance.

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