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How To Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46

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Are you a Brother Printer user? And have you encountered the problem of Brother Printer Machine Error 46 while printing anything from your printer? You don’t need to worry at all dear user! We are here to solve all your doubts and queries regarding several issues that you might face.

Brother Printer Machine Error 46

Brother Printer is a much-recognized brand of printer nowadays and is thus owned by many users. This is because of the good print quality and the most astounding features that are provided with almost every other printer model. But you may face any sort of error while working with the printer. So, in this article, we will be discussing the sudden popping up of the Brother Printer Machine Error 46 while doing a regular print job. After reading this article, you will able to get a clear cut idea of what is the Brother Printer Machine Error 46, what are its causes, and what are the most convenient ways using which you can fix this error all on your own!

Causes of Brother Printer Machine Error 46:

The Brother Printer Machine Error 46 is displayed on your screen when something is known as the “Ink Absorber Pad” is full, and hence, it needs to be replaced. The Ink Absorber Pad is a very vital part of the printer and hence, it has to function most correctly in your printer. But you don’t need to worry at all! Why? Because you don’t need to replace the ink absorber pad in your printer because many times the Brother Printer Machine Error 46 pops up when the ink absorber pad is not full. Thus, there is a very simple way by which you can easily clear out the error and get your printer up and running again!

What is an Ink Absorber Pad?

An Ink Absorber Pad is common to both, the Brother printers and the Canon printers. It is a small and spongy pad, and the purpose of it is to collect all the extra or the spilled out ink which builds up during the printing process. So, if the pad gets full, you will see the presence of the excess and extra ink on your printouts. So, you cannot replace the pad on your own. This can be done only by a Brother Printer Technician.

But, as we mentioned above already that to resolve the Brother Printer Machine Error 46, you are not required to replace the ink absorber pad, instead, follow the methods given below and fix this error in a much simpler way, all by your own!

How to fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46:

Here are two broad methods, that have been divided into parts, following which you can fix the Brother Printer Machine Error 46 in your respective Brother Printers-

Method 1: Keep the printer in Maintenance Mode-

  1. For this, firstly unplug the power cord from your printer.
  2. Then hold the Menu, Set, or the Start button (whichever of these is available on your printer). Hold the button firmly.
  3. Then, with the button pressed, plug in the power cord back and keep hold of the button until you see a maintenance mode message on the screen. So basically, your printer screen should read “Maintenance” now!
  4. If there is an LCD screen in your printer, then the button which you need to hold as you unplug the printer will be either the “Set” button, “Start” button, or the “Menu” button. Hold it and then unplug the power cord and then plug in the power cord back, while still holding the button.

Method 2: Reset the Purge Counter-

  1. This method is typically for the printers that have a number keypad on them! So, firstly, type 80 on the keypad to open up the options.
  2. Then, by making use of the down arrow key, scroll through the options, until you see the Purge followed by a number.
  3. Once you find a Purge followed by a number, enter 2783, and the number next to the word “PURGE” should be set to zero.
  4. Then, the press stops or exit and go back to the maintenance mode menu.
  5. Then there, type 99 to exit and again restart your printer.

Hence, these were the major ways by which you could fix the Brother Printer Machine Error 46 easily, and that too all on your own!

Get in Touch with Brother Printer Customer Support Number

If the Error Code still persists then you can call at Brother printer customer support number +1 (240) 775-8797. The experts will help you with the best solutions to solve your problems, and they are available 24X7 to help their customers.

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