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Fix Blue Screen Error ntkrnlmp.exe in Windows 10

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If you are a Microsoft user and have just upgraded your OS to Windows 10, you might have had to face a few errors depending on how successful your update was. If the error on your screen reads ntkrnlmp.exe, then you’ve come to the right place looking for a solution.

This article is going to shed light on all the common reasons and solutions that are behind this error’s occurrence.

Why does Blue Screen Error ntkrnlmp.exe occur?

Users have reported this error in relation to memory issues. It can also be caused due to:

  • The presence of a faulty or corrupted driver.
  • The ntkrnlmp.exe generally occurs due to a problem in the graphics driver.
  • It can also occur if you have enabled the power saving features in your BIOS.

ntkrnlmp.exe error

Pre requisites

Before you dive into fixing this error yourself, it is recommended to shift your system into safe mode; especially of you are not able to get to your login screen. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Put in your installation media and push the power button.
  • While your system is booting up prepare to press on any f key.
  • Choose a language and then click on the option to repair your computer.
  • From the advanced options you will find the start-up settings.
  • Enable the safe mode and reboot.

How to resolve Blue Screen Error ntkrnlmp.exe?

Now that you have entered the safe mode, we can begin rooting out ntkrnlmp.exe. We have listed a compilation of all possible solutions that you can try for yourself before calling for technical help.

Disable power saving

Errors such as this can be caused when your EIST and Cstates are turned on, to revers that, do as follows:

  • Switch your device off and then turn it on again.
  • In the middle of the boot, press on a function key.
  • Click on the advanced tab, and you will be redirected to the power management option for your CPU.
  • Finally, click on the disable option for both the EIST and cstate.
  • Save the changes and restart.

EIST and cstate

Upgrade drivers

Since the main reason for ntkrnlmp.exe is the graphics card. Proceed to update it using the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the device manager, from the start option.
  • In the list of all the adapters, you’ll find the driver for graphics.
  • Click on the update option from the adjacent menu.
  • You might have to wait for a while until it is completed. Save the changes and check for the error.

update the driver

Configuring the drivers

It could be the issue that is due to some corruption or trouble in the verifier, in order to fix it:

  • Look for it in the search bar
  • Launch the verifier and tap yes on the user controls.
  • From its standard settings, choose all the drivers in the list that you want to scan.
  • Once the bug is identified, it will be repaired automatically.
  • Click ok and restart the PC.


Disable the tool for driver authentication

If the configuration did not work, then stop them completely.

  • You must go to the command prompt and click on yes for authorization.
  • Enter the code verifier and execute it.
  • Select all the pre-existing settings and disable them all to finish the ntkrnlmp.exe

command prompt verifier

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