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How to fix excel runtime error 1004?

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Runtime error 1004 is the most commonly found error when using Excel. As we all know that Excel is our stop destination when we want to work with tables and our data in an organized way. Anyone can use it & when using the application, one may have to deal with the run-time error it 1004 in VBA (Visual Basic for Application). There are unlimited shortcuts & macros one can use while working with Excel and simply like other applications, one might be facing quite multiple amounts of problems and errors.

Causes of Runtime error 1004:

excel runtime error 1004
There is always more than one cause for any error that happens on your system. Here, let us see the causes for error 1004:

  • Often, when you paste filtered data into a workbook in MS Excel, you may have to deal with error 1004.
  • A large collection of strings has been set for a range value.
  • Application or object-defined error.
  • There are problems in the operation of other applications when using VBA Excel file
  • The desktop icon for MS Excel is corrupt.

Steps to fix excel runtime error 1004:

You can always avoid the run time error 1004 excel by just not using it or you could select to work with new pages rather than copying on the same. Yet another way to remove the excel runtime error 1004 is by using a template bypass. It can be a complicated process, but it actually has some basic steps and here they are

  1. Initially, visit Excel and then create a template bypass.
  2. In the new document, close the entire sheets and delete them all, except for one. (the ones which open automatically shall be deleted)
  3. To delete the extra worksheets, just right click on them and click delete.
  4. With each click, you’ll be deleting the worksheets one at a time automatically.
  5. Now when you have followed the above-mentioned steps, make certain you leave out one page. This will allow you to do the adjustments on the page. Insert the tables, charts, etc.

Now, this single page will serve as a template and you can copy and paste things whenever you want. Save the worksheet as a template and you can continue with the rest of your work.

Warnings and risks
excel runtime error 1004
When you work with applications, if you are not fully aware of it, you will damage your system. Thus before you experiment with the files and documents, make certain you don’t put your significant files at stake. Therefore, to be able to better deal with Visual Basic Runtime Error 1004 when working with critical Excel files, it is advised that you seek professional help at Microsoft Excel Support +1- 888- 479-5919 and do not crash your system.

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