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Workforce WF 3640 not printing

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The Workforce wf 3640 printer is an Epson product, and considered as an “All-in-one” device, that is, a one-stop destination for your printing experience! It is an all-in-one inkjet printer that has copy and scan functions, Ethernet and Wifi connectivity, an automatic document feeder, a wireless printing option, a built-in faxing option, and also wireless printing with the Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Thus, the Workforce wf 3460 printer has the capability of working with both Windows and Mac Operating System. But, just like any other printer, it is also bound to have errors int eh form of codes, and these errors pop up anyhow because it is an electronic device! So, the printer’s users most commonly face the error or issue of their workforce wf 3640, not printing. This issue can be resolved by the users on their own! Even if the users don’t have good technical ground information as well, still this guide will assist them to follow some simple steps and solve this problem. Continue reading this article till the end to get the proper insight for the same!

Reasons behind Epson Workforce wf 3640 not printing:

There can be many reasons as to why your  Epson Workforce wf 3640 printer not printing anything or for that matter, printing blank pages-

  1. The printer might not be kept on a plane surface, that is, it might be kept at an uneven or angular surface. This will prohibit printing from printing.
  2. If the ink cartridges of your printer have dried up, or are too low, the printer might not print.
  3. It might also be the case that the yellow tape on the ink cartridges has not been removed during the time of the installation of the cartridges (if your printer or cartridges are new in any case!).
  4. Another reason for your printer, not printing can be the usage of unmatched paper, in terms of the size. One always has to make sure to use the paper of the exact specifications that are required by the printer.
  5. The settings of your printer might be different than the one that is opposite to the situation of normal printing. So, you need to change that too, otherwise, your printer will drop out only blank pages to you!

So, these were some of the common reasons that can be the cause of the above-mentioned issue of Workforce wf 3640, not printing.

What to do in case of workforce wf 3640, not printing:

Referring to the above-mentioned problems, here are the solutions as to what can be done in order to fix the issue of workforce wf 3640, not printing-

  1. Remember to reset the Settings:

This is a very important step that users usually forget to do in their operating systems of PC or Computer and then get worried when their printer does not print anything. So, follow the given steps if you are a Windows OS user, and make the changes required as per stated-

Windows-> Settings-> Devices-> Printers & Scanners-> Select your printer (name)-> Manage-> Printing preferences.

  1. Check the paper size:

You really need to match the specifications of the paper that you are using to print and the paper that is actually demanded by your printer.

  1. Run Printhead Nozzle:

This is required so as to check if any of the printer’s nozzles are clogged. If you see any papers or paper pieces stuck inside your printer, you need to clean it all, thus you are required to clean the printhead. For that, make sure to completely switch off your printer and remove the wires also from the rare end of the printer and the socket on the wall behind. With the help of cotton cloth or cotton dipped in lukewarm water, clean the printhead to remove the dust present inside, and also remove for any leftover paper pieces.

  1. Check the level of Ink Cartridges:

Switch off your printer entirely as told in the above solution number 3. Then very carefully take out the ink cartridges and check the ink levels in them. If you see them all over, refill the cartridge (you can also get new cartridges). If you see the cartridges dried up, then you will definitely have to purchase new cartridges of a good company.

  1. Contact the Customer Care Service:

If you have tried all of the above solutions one by one and tried printing a sample document also after that, still your problem has not been solved or fixed, then you are certainly required to contact the Customer Care Service of Epson. The experts at the Epson Center will guide you with the best solution which is needed!

If both of the above-mentioned ways did not work out for your printer, then you need to contact the Epson Customer Care Service, because the solution mentioned above are the major ones and mostly solve this problem. But it’s alright! Maybe there is an issue with the hardware of your printer (as mentioned above in one of the reasons). So, the experts at the Epson Customer Care Centre will provide you with the best solution, or even tell you if your printer is in any need of a servicing. Thus, this will surely solve your problem of Epson Workforce 3640 not printing.

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