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Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5850 Wireless Setup Ultimate Guide

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Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a super printer that has the all-in –feature. It gives you the best output and it has a big ink bucket which you can fill easily. It gives you a vibrant elegant supercool borderless printout. The replacement ink bottle is very cost-effective. You can print 6000 pages by using a one ink set. It saves you 80 percent money in comparison to another printer. The technology adopted to build Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is heat-resistant technology. It does not get heat quickly. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer provides you with a large tray containing 500 paper sheets to print. It has also two special features 4.3 color touch screen and voice active printing. So if you are feeling lazy go to your machine to print anything. You may print with your voice command. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printers are very highly innovative printers. They fulfill users’ almost essential features to provide a great experience with printing technology.

The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer also has a wireless feature. You can also connect your printer to your Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer to your Wi-Fi. You can not only get printing features you also get the features like scanning, fax, and copier. Every user needs a printer that is highly user-friendly and it can also provide you with vibrant borderless color printouts. The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a highly innovative printer that fulfills almost all the requirements essential for printing at your office or home. The printer is easy to use and it has a lot of features that help you not only in printing but even in other jobs like scanning fax Xerox. The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a very cost-effective printer that saves the money you waste on ink cartridges. It has king size ink tank that provides you with 6000 pages of prints.

Epson 5850 Printer Setup

If your machine is new and you didn’t do your unboxing yet so let’s start with us. Here, we will provide you with how to set up your new brand Epson ecotank pro 5850 printers at your home or in the office. We will go step by step and elaborate on all the essential things which are necessary to know before and after installing the machine at your home or in office. So steps are mentioned below, read carefully: –

  1. Unboxing: – Unpack your machine carefully. Remove all the waste deployed which is used to deliver your epson ecotank pro 5850. Do not open ink bottles till you are not going to feed your ink tank. Lift the scanner and remove all the waste which is used to protect the machine.
  2. Ink feeding:– Plug the ink bottle Into the ink port. Squeeze it well, as you will squeeze ink will start running into the ink tanks. As all the inks flow out from bottle to tank plug out the bottle and cap the tank and bottle both
  3. Paper load: – When the ink charging gets over pull the paper tray out from the printer. Set the amount of paper according to the capacity of the paper cassette of the printer. You may set 6000 pages in your tray. 6000 pages are the maximum so it will be better if you deploy paper according to your work. There is no point to deploy paper in a cassette for no reason.
  4. Software installation: – Install the software on your computer to access the printer. It is an easy process. Insert the compact disk into your computer and follow the steps as your computer is guiding to you.
  5. Fax line connection: – Do not forget to connect the fax line, If you have one. You can set up your fax by led display on the printer. In any case, if you do not have a fax line then you can skip it to do it later also.
  6. Mobile activation and voice command: – If your printer and mobile are connected to the same network then you can run your printer on your voice command. You may also give the command to print by using your smartphone if it is connected to the same network.

Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5850 Setups to Wi-Fi or Wireless Network

 If you have a power pact printing machine and great features inbuilt so it is essential to understand how can you avail of all the features. So in all that printing feature, there is a wireless feature which is very useful for your printing work. So, we will learn to set up the wireless connectivity between epson ecotank pro 5850 printer and our wireless networks. Installing a connection between epson ecotank pro 5850 printer and your Wi-Fi network is very easy. You may do this with the help of the control panel on your computer. epson ecotank pro 5850 setup to wifi, the steps are mentioned below: –

  1. Select the router on the led display screen.
  2. Start set up.
  3. Go on a Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Select Your Wi-Fi connection.
  5. connect epson printer wifi
  6. You may enter your network name manually also to search.
  7. Enter your Wi-Fi password.
  8. You may move the curser to use the right left up down key shown in the Led display.
  9. Press ok after entering the Wi-Fi password.
  10. Save the setup.
  11. As your setup will have done, press exit.
  12. Return home.
  13. In case the connection does not establish, re-enter the password.
  14. If a connection gets established, try the voice and phone command to check the connection is working properly.

Epson Ecotank Pro ET-5850 Wireless Setup

This is the easiest way to establish a connection between Epson ecotank pro 5850 printer. The printer is very good for easy handling and it does not ask for maintenance very much as the other printer asks. If you buy the printer then it is sure that you will get the vibrant borderless printout. It gives you a powerful HD print. So feel free to print anything of high quality. Epson ecotank pro 5850 printer will not disappoint you in their prints.


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