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E-mail Security’s Biggest Problems – And How You Can Protect against Them

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E-mails have become so integral a part of our lives that life without them is quite hard to imagine. This is also true for companies and organizations. A slight e-mail malfunction can cause a lot of productivity issues.

Small companies tend to think that E-mail security is just a concern for large organizations. However, that is an underestimation of the problem. It has been estimated that a whopping 70% of all email traffic is spam. Moreover a lot of data breach can be traced back to poor e-mail security. Let’s take a look at e-mail security’s biggest problems and what can be done to get protected:


Malware includes a variety of intrusive software such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses etc. One of most dangerous viruses that gets attached to e-mails is ransomware. What this does is that it hijacks data files on your system and asks for a ransom to get them unlocked. The bad news is that common anti-virus software may not be as effective in preventing malware. However, the good news is that a multi-scanning solution that rigorously scans every e-mail attachment with robust anti-virus search engines may prove to be a good guard against malwares.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing contains an email that you think is from a known entity but actually, it’s just a ploy set up by some hacker. This method of attack is successful as a lot of effort is put into making sure that the email looks legitimate. Data sanitization may prove to be a good defense against spear phishing.

Large Attachments

Large attachments with e-mails may cause quite a lot of e-mail server problems, including security issues. To avoid this, companies must place a limit on attachments.

Loss of Data

A lot of confidential data is communicated through e-mails. This poses risks as e-mails can be intercepted and thereby, this confidential information may get exposed. A secure and encrypted files transfer system can be a suitable solution for this problem. With this system in place, all your employees will have to go through a user authentication process.

Compliance Problems

Companies may sometimes lag behind in following compliance regulations. EU data protection regulations require every company to enter its details, such as company address, registration numbers and owner’s information in the footer of every email. Configuring your email security solution to comply with these and other industry regulations will come in handy for securing e-mails.

All of these solutions decrease your e-mail security concerns; however, for complete peace of mind, hiring reliable tech-support professionals may be a good option. With superb knowledge of computer security essentials, we at Excel Tech Guru provide 24/7 online technical support for all kinds of businesses. Our reliable e-mail technical support team ensures that your company operates at maximum efficiency.

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