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Concerned About Faint Print? Here Are 5 Problems that May Be Causing It

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When your printer produces a piece of paper, you want it to be perfect and nothing short of that.

Even a slight fading can be quite aggravating.

We at Excel Tech Guru have outlined various causes that may be leading to this faint, unreadable print.

Read on to find out:   

You Might Be Short of Ink

The first and the most obvious reason is that you might be running low on toner level. Although this is a clear sign that the cartridge needs to be replaced, you may be able to get a few pages before that. Lift off the cartridge, gently shake it for 10 seconds, and pop it back. You may get a clear print this time.

The Toner Might Be Sticking to the Fuser Roller

In a laser printer, fuser is used to heat the powder of the toner and help it get in the right place for the paper to forge the print.

However sometimes, the toner can get attached to the upper roller. You know that this is the problem if you see an image of the printer somewhere on the paper. Immediately check the upper roller and if the toner is attached to it, it’s time to replace it.

There Might Be Issues with Your Laser Printer’s Transfer Roller

The transfer roller of the laser printer is essential in transferring ink from your cartridge’s drum to the page. Its incorrect positioning on the printer can cause faint prints. Reinserting it properly may resolve the issue.

Moreover, any disturbances on the surface can also have a damaging effect on the quality of the print. If this is the case, you can either clean it with a dry piece of cloth or blow it off with an air compressor. Make sure you do not use your hands as it can make the situation worse.

Your Toner Settings May Not Be Up To the Mark

Sometimes, a printer may be set at low toner density which may be causing the issue. If this is the case, you can easily change its settings from the ‘Devices and Printers’ panel.

Your Printer May be Placed under Low Humidity Conditions

If humidity in the room is low, it can have an effect on the print of the paper. The ink needs to dry properly and if the humidity level is low, this can become very difficult.

Make sure you choose a place that’s neither too high nor too low on humidity.

Is your printer causing any issues? We at Excel Tech Guru provide high quality printer and scanner support. Being one of the most trusted IT support companies in Rockville, USA, we offer all kinds of online computer support services.

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