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How to resolve Canon Printer Error 6A81?

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Canon printers are recognized for their reliability & durability. Any blockage inside the printer can cause a Canon printer error 6A81 regardless of the printer model. This error generally occurs because of the purge unit defect, where the sponge was not suitably placed & somehow clogging the print head. It also blocks its way and doesn’t let the print head to travel back to its initial position. Thus, if you aren’t aware of the causes behind its occurrence, check out this article.

Canon Printer error 6A81

Devices like Printers make our work extremely simple, even it is quite easy to use the printers these days due to the latest innovation & technologies that make printers much more efficient and simple to access. Well to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 6A81 well-explained solution steps have been illustrated down by a team of Canon Printer Support technicians.

Reasons for Canon Printer Error 6A81

  1. Not maintaining proper cleaning of your Canon printer can cause this error. Particularly, when there is a paper jam due to dust or any other elementary obstacle.
  2. If your Canon printer has ink problems, it may prevent the position of the print head. Thus, it may avoid both print heads and cartridge units to return to their original locations.
  3. There may be problems with pure wipers, which can prevent it from moving forward and backward.

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error 6A81

Follow the mentioned below steps in sequential order to fix Canon Printer error 6A81 of your own:

Solution 1: Reset Printing Machine

  1. To reset the Canon printer, click & hold down the ‘Power’ button for few seconds & wait for the device to shut down.
  2. After that disconnect, the printer from your computer and unplug the power cord.
  3. Once again hold the On/Off button & put the power cord back into the socket.
  4. Also, connect again the Canon printer to the computer and turn on the power switch.

Solution 2: Clear Paper Jam And Clean Components

  1. Take the help of torchlight or any light source to appropriately examine the inside of the printer including paper trays.
  2. Search for any paper crumbs or needless object and remove it.
  3. Execute a Test Print to examine whether Canon printer error 6A81 is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Remove Obstacles & Unstuck Purge Unit

As mentioned in the problem section, the net unit inside the Canon printer may get stuck and cause this problem. Thus, use any long equipment like the screwdriver & clear the entire blockages around the purge section.

Solution 4: Completely clean printer to Remove Dust

Use a clean dry cloth to clean the inside of the printer and remove dirt from the surface of the rollers. It will let you feed the pages suitably into the paper tray and the rollers can move freely during the printing task.

Dial Canon Printer Customer Support for Instant resolution:

We hope that after following the above-mentioned steps you would have fixed Canon printer error 6A81 of your own. If not so get in touch with us for instant support. As an independent third-party Canon printer customer service provider, we always aim to offer the best from our side. We have a team of trained, knowledgeable & certified professionals who have years of experience in resolving Canon printer issues. Dial toll-free Canon Printer Customer Support +1 (878)-999-8893 for best and instant support.

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