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How to Solve Canon p07 Error- Complete Guide

canon p07 error

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Canon printers are one of the best brands for printers available in the market and almost all the models nowadays come with all the functions- print, copy and scan. Sometimes we face some errors while working with this printer such as canon p07 error and many more, but you don’t have to worry about it as we provide solutions to it. They have a good life span and are very durable and long-lasting. Also, they are equipped and updated with more advanced technological features.

canon p07 error


What is the canon p07 error?

This error includes slowing down of printing function due to technical issues in the device or ink spillage inside the device. This can be very irritating at times because this error does not let the printer perform its task. There are many reasons for this error. Some of them are listed below.

Causes of the canon p07 error:

  • This error may be possible if any faulty cable is connected be it the Ethernet cable or the power cable. Also, you must check the ports of both printer and router whether they are not damaged.
  • Technological error or short circuit inside the printer, computer, or router will also hinder the process of printing. Therefore always check the devices if they are receiving proper power and voltage.
  • Sometimes there is ink spillage inside the device and it has reached its maximum level after which this error occurs.
  • Also, some paper jamming problems can be present wherein any wrinkled paper might get stuck. The correct sized paper must be used.

You can perform some basic cleanup and checking processes before jumping into technical procedures like if the cables are damaged or faulty then replace them, put the new ones.

Apart from that if there is a technological error or short circuit then put the plugs in some other switchboard and then restart the device.

Next, you can perform the basic cleanup process in the printer so that all the dust like bits of paper and other foreign particles are removed and if there is ink spillage inside the printer then that can be removed.

How to solve the canon p07 error?

1.) Cycling process

First of all, you need to press the button on the operational panel of the printer for about 10-20 seconds. Now release the button and again press it. This will complete the cycling process of the printer, and hopefully, the canon p07 error of the printer will be resolved by doing this, if not then you can repeat the process once again by removing the power cord and again inserting it.

2.) Service mode

  • The first method for entering the printer into service mode is to press and hold the facility button present on the printer panel and then press the stop button 5 times.
  • This will turn on the green light of the printer and it will enter the service mode.
  • Now press 4-1, 3-1, and 5-1.
  • After doing this you have to reboot the device and your problem will be solved.

Another method for service mode is:

  • To turn off the printer and press and hold the stop button for 5 seconds while holding the power button along with it.
  • Now keep holding the power button and release the stop button.
  • Further, press the stop button 7-8 times and it will display ‘0’.
  • This will also solve the problem hopefully.

3.) Resetter software

You have to download the resetter software from the official website of the company and run a service tool 1050.exe. Check the USB number detected and the one present in the port column. In the clear ink, section selects the main button. Finally, click on Platen and the process is done. Wait for a while and restart your printer.

After following the above procedures hopefully, your canon p07 error problem will be resolved but if still it is not resolved then you can contact the canon customer care or refer to the canon user manual which you receive along with the printer package. The customer care team will provide you with a personalized solution for canon p07 error as quickly as possible.

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