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Fix Canon MX922 Print Head Error in Easy Steps

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Do you use Canon devices as your electric devices? Then it is just great because Canon devices are very much effective and sturdy devices and are easily accessible in the market today at many affordable rates. But, even if it is an electrical device, it is bound to have issues and failures while working with it. Canon MX922 Print Head Error is one such error that the users face while working with their Canon printers.

Here, in this article, we will discuss with you the issue of Canon MX922 Print Head in detail, after which you will get to know how to solve the issue.

Causes behind Canon MX922 Print Head Error

There can be multiple reasons that can be responsible for the technical glitches in your device. So, here we are, mentioning some of the reasons that may cause the Canon MX922 Print Head issue.

  • The error might arise when your print head is not installed properly. Or maybe it is facing some interior issues (the printhead or the printer).
  • This error can also occur when your cartridge will stop working appropriately.
  • Also, another reason behind the error is that your print head that is installed in your device is actually a mismatch with your printer.

Solution of Canon MX922 Print Head Error

After knowing the reasons behind the cause of Canon MX922 Print Head Error, here are the solutions that are mentioned below, which you need to follow, in order to resolve this error.

Solution-1: Replace the Ink Cartridge
Open the printer cover and take out the cartridges slowly. Then clean up the entire printhead with a clean cotton cloth dipped in hot water and then let your printer dry from within. Once it has been dried, then put in other cartridges into the printer and try printing again from the new ones. If you still see the Canon MX922 Print Head Error popping up, then try the next solution.

Solution-2: Resolving the internal printer issues
Firstly switch on the power of the Canon printer and open up the printer tray, thus pulling up the scanning unit. This way your printhead will take the replacement position. Then you need to open the inner cover of the printer and remove the ink tank by pressing the tabs of the tanks.

After that, you have to lift up the lock lever of the print head and then bend the print head towards the front of the printer and eventually take it out with care. Then put the print head in the Canon mx922 software holder area, thus inserting the ink tanks back into the printer properly. Close the cover carefully. Once done with this, try printing a sample document from your printer.

Get in Touch with Canon Support Experts

if you still  Facing Canon MX922 Print Head Error then you need to contact the Canon support Experts @ +1 (240) 775-8797. The experts at the Canon Support will help you with the best solution to fix the error.


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