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Canon mg2900 wireless setup Guide

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Wireless printers are the need of the hour in the corporate world of offices and cubicles. With the help of a single network, one printer can be connected to several devices at the same time, thus helping the company save a lot of money which would otherwise be wasted on getting individual printers for everyone. If you have got yourself one of these devices recently, we are going to tell you all about the Canon mg2900 wireless setup process below.

About Canon mg2900 wireless setup

Canon is a Japanese multinational company which originated in 1937. The company is popular for producing a wide variety of optical devices and products. Their cameras and printers have an especially strong hold over the market all over the globe.

The company is now spearheaded by the CEO, Fujio Mitarai their headquarters are located in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan.

Steps for Canon mg2900 wireless setup

For the sake of convenience, the Canon mg2900 wireless setup process can be subdivided into a few steps. We have listed them all here for you to create a better understanding.


In order to avoid any errors due to a wrong setup of placement of ink, here are a few things that should be kept in mind before you setup a connection:

  • The right kind of A4 printer paper should be loaded on the tray, without it getting crumpled or folded from any side.
  • Insert the ink Cartridges into the slots and press until you hear a click sound – which is an indication that the cartridges are set in the correct place.
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection, also note down the SSID and router key details for use.

To connect Wi-Fi

  • You should see a panel of buttons on the outside of the printer. Locate the Wi-Fi button on there and press it.
  • After a few seconds, an alarm light will start blinking constantly, after which release the button.
  • The blinking of the blue light is an indication that the printer is in setup mode.
  • Enter the username and key for the desired network.
  • Press the button for a couple of minutes and wait until the light stops blinking.
  • Once it settles down, it means the network connection has been made.

Confirm connection

  • The user can get a physical printed copy as a proof that the Canon mg2900 wireless setup has been a success.
  • Load the tray with the appropriate printer paper.
  • Press on the cancel and resume button simultaneously. The light has to be allowed to flash for a sun total of 15 times.
  • After which the printer will print all the network details on the paper.

Wireless direct connection

In the event that the user does not have a strong enough or working internet at the time of installation, they can use this method of connection:

  • For this method to work, the printer and the device which is going to be connected will need to be in close proximity.
  • Locate the LAN button on the printer and configure it with the Wi-Fi.
  • Hold down the Wi-Fi button until the light starts flashing for a while.
  • You can switch the lamp on with the help of a black button on the printer panel.
  • Go to the LAN settings end enter the Wi-Fi information.
  • Once you hit enter and save the changes, and the Canon mg2900 wireless setup will be completed.

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