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Canon Maxify GX6050 3-in-1 Color Inkjet Printer Setup

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Canon Maxify gx6050 is the ideal commercial use printer along with a scanner. It might not be a slim and small printer that can fit anywhere. But it can print large amounts at once and its longevity is commendable. It is very easy to operate and can be connected to multiple computers at once. You can easily do a Canon Maxify GX6050 setup for all the computers in the room. As it is evident from the name itself, that is, 3 in 1 color inkjet, it is quite efficient in printing, scanning and photocopying.


Features of the Canon Maxify GX6050 3-in-1 Color Inkjet Printer 

  • Consists of a whopping capacity of holding upto 350 sheets all at once. That is ten times more than what the small frame printers can hold.
  • The Canon Maxify GX6050 can be operated for scanning and photocopying from the device itself. You do not have to change settings from the personal computer. 
  • Since it is suitable for commercial use, it is easier to maintain and has low cost of repair and maintenance. 
  • The device has a touchscreen control panel to control the functions to operate the printer. 
  • The ink tank holds a large amount of ink and will not run out too often. It is most likely to deliver near perfect print outs for many days.
  • Can produce about 14,000 Color print outs on the use of a single ink tank.
  • There are three trays to store sheets of printing paper in the Printer.
  • It can be easily connected through the USB port and a WiFi connection. 
  • Even if it does not have the facility for Fax, it does all the other functions effectively. 
  • The Maxify GX6050 is less likely to cause a Paper jam issue like all other printers. 

The Canon Maxify GX6050 setup 

It is quite simple to set up the Maxify GX6050 and program it for commercial use.

  1. Firstly, you have to unbox the printer and get rid of the box in which you received the printer. 
  2. Then remove all the labels and stickers that are not necessary for your printer. 
  3. Remove the orange clip ons from the printer as well.
  4. Plug in the Maxify GX6050 with a power source and lift up the touchscreen keypad to control and set up the printer.
  5. You can switch on the power by pressing the power button on the touchscreen and need to wait for a little while. 
  6. As soon as the power is on, you will get an option to choose the language of your operation. Select on English from the list.
  7. Enter the date and time to the printer.
  8. Then you will get the notification to fill up the ink in the printer. 
  9. Lift up the printhead to find the spaces allotted for black and colored inks.
  10. From the ink bottles transfer the ink to the ink tanks in their respective zones. It takes some time to completely fill up the ink tanks, so give it some time. When the tanks are full, close the lids.
  11. When the process is done, the printer touch screen will automatically switch to the next step. For this, you need to arrange some A4 size papers. 
  12. Pull out the paper holding tray and set the papers properly with the help of adjustable clips in the tray.
  13. In the next step, you do not have to do much. Just click on ok after loading the paper. It takes a few minutes for the machine to load after that.
  14. The printhead alignment structure will be printed by the device to guide you further.
  15. Take a quick survey for the last step to input some basic information to the Canon Maxify GX6050. 

With this your printer setup is complete. The setup process is not a complicated process. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen step by step with patience. 


Canon Maxify GX6050 wifi setup

The Wi-Fi setup process is a simpler process than the actual printer setup. All you need is a Canon application and you are good to go.

  1. Look for the Hotspot from the available Wi-Fi connections from the device you are connecting with.
  2. Download the Canon Inkjet Selphy app. You will get all information about the printer from the Selphy app about ink levels and cartridges. 
  3. Open the app and select the Wi-Fi network you are connected with and enter the password. 
  4. On the next pop up, click on okay to directly connect to your printer.

You can also set up WiFi from the printer itself.

  1. Go to settings from the touch screen.
  2. Select Wi-Fi connectivity and choose your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Input the password and connect to the server.

Thus you are successfully connected with the Wifi and your setup is complete. So, the entire Canon Maxify GX6050 setup is a short and simple process. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and your printer is all set.



The Canon Inkjet Selphy app is a very useful application to get all the details about the printer. Despite being a medium scale printer, the Canon Maxify GX6050 setup is hassle free. It is easy for even someone who has not handled a printer as such. You will get an idea about the setup from the above instructions and regarding any other technical support you might need, Excel Tech Guru is always available with answers. 


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