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Brother Printer won’t scan Windows 10

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In every type of technology, it is possible that a few problems might occur here and thereafter a long period of usage, which depends on how you have handled the device. This is the reason why most of the devices are provided with a manual.

But in most of the manual does not consist of the information about troubleshooting steps which are the solutions for each and every error you may face, like one the Brother Printer won’t scan Windows 10 if you are using the Windows 10 operating system.

Brother Printers are one of the most reliable, user -friendly, using less space, and many more containing featured devices. This printing device not only performs printing but you can also use it for scanning or faxing. But it might be unable to scan if you upgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 10.

If you want to fix this issue, for that we have listed some methods to fix the issue regarding this, which you can apply after properly reading this article.

Brother Printer won't scan Windows 10

Solutions: If Brother Printer Won’t scan Windows 10

1. Ensure that the machine turned on and without any errors 
After you turn on the Brother Printer and you see that the display is blank, then you understand that it is either off or in sleep mode.
Then you just have to press a button on the printer to wake it up from the sleep mode and ensure that the power cord of the printer is properly connected with the power supply or not and the switches are switched on. Check the screen if there are any error messages showing the printer won’t scan on the screen then troubleshoot it.

2. Check your internet connection 
Ensure that your network connection is proper, and check your Brother Printer if you wish to use the network scanning tool, in a difficult network environment because it can only work by using a server computer, not by client PCs. If you find that connection is poor then your Brother Printer will be unable to scan. So check the connection and fix it.

3. Ensure that the printer is available for printing –
For doing this, you are required to open Printer Properties there you can find options, that how you can operate the printer for configuring ports, and doing other hardware related customizations.

1. Firstly you have to click on the Start button and then you have to select the Control Panel.
2. Next, you have to click on Hardware and Sound.
3. Then click on devices and printer.
4. Next, you have to right-click on your Brother printer and then, required to select Printer Properties.
5. Then click on the Print test page to make sure that your printer is available to print or not.

4. Check your Brother Printer’s Scanner driver
1. First, you must open the scanner list by clicking on the Start < Control Panel.
2. Next, you have to type in the search box on Control Panel, the word ‘scanner’
3. Then select “View scanners and cameras”.
4. Make sure that the scanner icon of your Brother printer exists, it is very much essential.
5. If you see that the scanner icon doesn’t exist then you are recommended to install the scanner driver.
6. You can search it in the Downloads section on the Brother website.
7. Then you must download the Full Driver & Software package and start following the instructions which are available.

5. Properly check the IP address of your Brother printer
If Brother Printer is unable to scan, you must obtain the IP address of your printer. You are recommended to print a network configuration list, which will available to you all the reports of all current network configuration including the network print server settings.

To print the network configuration list, do the following:
1. First, Press Menu on your Brother Printer< Print reports.
2. Next, you have to select the Network Configuration and you should press OK.
3. Then click on Black (Mono) Start or Color Start or Start< Stop/Exit.

Dial Brother Printer customer support Number For Solution

By using these following methods you can fix the Windows 10 Scanning error of your Brother Printer. These solutions are recommended by professionals of the Brother Technical team. after all, if you fail to fix this issue by yourself then you can get in touch with the experts of the Brother Printer customer support team at +1 (240) 775-8797. It consist of professional, whose guidance can help you to fix any issue regarding the Brother Printer.

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