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How to Fix Brother Printer won’t connect to wifi issue?

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The Brother printer is a popular technology company in Japan. It contains multifunction printers, work stations, mechanical sewing machines. On a large platform number of items are manufactured. It is the reason why many customers select Brother items for their companies and organizations.

Most of the companies face some of the errors while using a brother printer. But most common experience brother printer won’t connect to wifi.

Causes for Brother Printer won’t connect to wifi

  • Invalid wifi login information.
  • Weak wifi signals.
  • The printer isn’t connected with network security.
  • Hardware issues.

Steps to connect brother printer to wifi

While working with the printer, some people don’t know how to connect your printer with wifi. Here mention the basic steps to connect your printer with the wifi:

  1. First, turn off your brother printer and hold up until you see the home screen.
  2. Next, go to the menu button, and select the network choice.
  3. Pick the WLAN setup of your choice and select the WLAN.
  4. Choose your wifi network (SSID) and select it.
  5. Fill up your wifi password and then select the ok button.
  6. Now, automatically your printer will be connected with the wifi connection.

Ways to solve brother Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi Problem

If you experience your brother printer not connect to wifi, then follow the following ways to connect your printer with wifi.
Check the remote login details

  • Sometimes the printer unable to connect with the wifi due to an invalid issue network password problem.
  • If the network password is not valid, the brother printer won’t connect to wifi.
  • Check whether the password is correct, you can check it by PC or reset another remote password wireless.

Now Check the network signal
Check the remote signal quality of your brother printer? If your printer has a low sign quality, your brother printer may face experience issues to connect with wifi.

To check the wifi signal quality on your printer, follow these steps.

  • Next, choose the menu option, and choose the LAN setup.
  • Select the WLAN Setup to use.
  • Check all the signals of your printer. If you see a few signals only, it will show up the weak signal quality.
  • If you experience a poor wifi signal quality, you need to install your printer close by your wifi extender. Now try again to connect your printer with wifi.


  • If the brother printer not connecting to wifi, you need to reboot the printer.
  • Turn the switch off the wifi printer for 1 minute and afterward switch it on.
  • Now, Switch off the wifi main access passage, and restart it once again.
  • When rebooting is completed, you should attempt to connect your printer to the wifi.

Wifi signal on 9 or 11

  • If you still face an issue brother printer won’t connect to wifi, then you should set up the wifi signal
  • like 9 or 11, and it will expand your data bandwidth.
  • First, sign in to your switch router panel by using the PC.
  • Now select the remote system settings of the wifi switch.
  • Under the 2.4GHZ system, select wifi channel 9 or 11.
  • Choose the ok option or apply changes button.
  • When wifi exchanging channels done, you should attempt to connect the brother printer to the wifi.


  • In this method, you need to reset your wifi encryption type on your switch.
  • Open the router board on your PC.
  • Presently click on the wifi security on your router.
  • Pick WEP 64 piece as an encryption type, and press the following catch.
  • Presently make another WEP Passphrase.
  • When you get another WEP secret key, you should start the wifi setup on your printer, and check connecting it with wifi.

Reset all the Network Settings

  • Sometimes, when the printer can’t recognize the network, it also doesn’t connect the brother printer with the wifi.
  • You need to power off your computer and hold up until you see a prepared or home screen.
    Choose the menu button on your printer, and then select the select network. Click on the ok button.
  • Now, select the reset option to reset all the network.
  • Everything is set up now, press ok to continue.
  • After you reset network all settings, you can try to connect the brother printer with the wifi. printer to the wifi once more.
  • If the brother printer not connecting to wifi still
  • It shows up a wifi connection and give a printer offline error issue associates with the wifi and starts giving you sibling printer disconnected mistake sooner or later.
  • You should again reset the system again and reconnect it.

Retore Printer

  • If the printer is connecting with the wifi, then it is another hardware issue with your printer.
  • You need to restore the printer and connect to try wireless network.
  • Turn on the brother wifi printer.
  • Select the network setup and click on the ok button.
  • Now confirm the option to restore the setting process.
  • Presently affirm the reestablish procedure.
  • Now, your printer will begin restoring itself to the processing settings.
  • This may take a few minutes, and afterward, connect your wifi once again more, and set up your printer.

Brother Printer Customer Support Number

We hope this article is very helpful for you to connect your Brother Printer with wifi. If you are unable to connect your Brother Printer to wifi. then, in this case, you can dial Brother Printer Customer Service Number +1 (240) 775-8797 to get in touch with professionals, who will resolve this issue instantly.

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