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Brother MFC-J497DW Wireless Setup: The Brother MFC-J497DW printer is a wireless color inkjet (and also, all-in-one) printer with Duplex printing. The printer The Brother MFC-J497DW produces high-quality output at manageable costs.

Overview of the Brother MFC-J497DW printer

• Compact in size.
• Easy to connect.
• Compact color inkjet that fits in tight spaces.
• This printer works as Print, copy, scan as well as fax.
• You can print wirelessly from the desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.
• Quickly scan as well as share documents feature.
• Versatile paper handling.
• Automatic document feeder.
• The Brother MFC-J497DW printer has the versatile connection options with built-in wireless or connect locally to a single computer through the USB interface.

Brother MFC-J497DW wireless setup

Instructions before you set up the Brother machine

First, find out the wireless network settings of an access point or wireless router. Now, follow the current wireless network settings that are mentioned below:
• Check and write the network Name (it is also known as “SSID” or “ESSID”)
• Check and write Network Key (also known as “Password”, “Security Key”, or “Encryption Key”)
• In the condition to find the Network Name (SSID) as well as network Key (Password) check the base/ side of an access point or wireless router. For this, you can also see the documentation provided with an access point or wireless router.

Process for the Brother MFC-J497DW wireless setup

After buyingBrother MFC-J497DWprinter from the manufacturer, set it up. Process for the Brother MFC-J497DW wireless setup is mentioned below:
1. Firstly, connect the power cord to the Brother machine (Brother MFC-J497DW)
2. Now, connect it to an AC power outlet (or electrical socket).
3. Turn the Brother machine (Brother MFC-J497DW)ON.
4. Press the option “Menu” or “Settings” and then again press the Up or Down arrow key to select the below-mentioned options:
• Select Network and then press OK.
• Select WLAN and then press OK. (This can vary according to the different models).
• Select Setup Wizard and then press are OK.
5. If the query arises such as when the WLAN will be enabling? Or appears, enable the wireless network. So, the This will start the wireless setup wizard.
6. The Brother MFC-J497DW will search for the network and also, display a list of available Network Names (or SSIDs). When a list of Network Names (or SSIDs) will appear, select the SSID and press OK.
7. You can also do one of the following:
• If you are using authentication as well as encryption method that asks the Network Key (or Password) then enter the network and press Ok. This will apply to the setting.
• If the authentication method is the Open System and also, an encryption mode is None, then go to the next step. The Brother MFC-J497DW printer will try to connect to the wireless network that has been selected.
8. If Brother MFC-J497DWprinter will be connected successfully then, the Brother MFC-J497DWprinter’s LCD displays Connected.
9. In any condition, if the connection is failed then the Brother MFC-J497DW printer will print a wireless connection report. You have to check the error code on the printed report.

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