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Belkin Router Firmware update

Belkin router firmware update

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About the Belkin Router Firmware

If you want to know about Belkin Router Firmware update you are at the right place. Belkin is a popular company that sells high class connectivity devices. Its trustworthy technology is what has gained them loyal customers since many decades. Customers can use the Belkin router to connect many different devices, like laptops, mobile phones, PCs etc. at your office or residence simultaneously.

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Reasons for a Belkin Router firmware update

If you want your router to run smoothly and efficiently throughout its life, you should update its firmware whenever it is warranted. We have compiled a list of reasons why you should upgrade it from time to time.

  1. If your router’s old firmware is facing technical issues, an update might be just what it needs.
  2. Routers are susceptible of hacking – such an act can lead to your personal and professional information being stolen straight from your network.
  3. Every time you update your router’s firmware, your security is updated and it prevents your router from getting hacked.
  4. Customer’s using mobile banking and data transmissions from their network should frequently perform a Belkin router firmware update. It secures your information from leaks.
  5. Another exciting reason for you to update your firmware is to unlock all the new features that come with it.

Requirements for a Belkin Router firmware update

Before you begin the process of updating your router, the below mentioned things should be kept in mind:

You require:

  1. A Belkin router.
  2. An outlet and power supply to start the router.
  3. An updated firmware file, which you can get from the support site.
  4. A PC or laptop that has a high functioning Ethernet port.
  5. A Cat 5 network cable.
  • Whenever you perform a router update, use a computer connected to the router via a network cable.
  • Updating a router firmware wirelessly has many safety concerns.
  • Always have your configuration details and ISP details ready with you ahead of time.

How to go about your Belkin router firmware update?

When you update your router manually, there are three steps to follow. We have listed the steps below for you to understand better:

1. Find out the model number and version number

Both these details are written on a sticker attached at the bottom of your router.

2. Download the firmware that has to be updated

  • When you search on the official website of your router, you shall find a downloadable package of the Belkin Router.
  • Click on the link and after double-checking the firmware details, download it.
  • You will easily find your particular model number by looking in the search bar.
  • Find your firmware version and download.

3. Implement the update

  1. The Belkin Router firmware update can easily be conducted on the web interface of your router.
  2. Open your search browser and on the address bar type Belkin’s default IP address, i.e.
  3. On the top right corner of the page, login with your router’s password.
  4. Enter your routers password and proceed to change its settings.
  5. Visit the utilities section and click on firmware update.
  6. After clicking on it, you can locate the pre downloaded firmware from your system and select it.
  7. Update the router with the firmware file.
  8. When the update is complete you will be prompted to click on Go.
  9. Lastly, Click on OK after rebooting your router’s system.
  10. Your Belkin router firmware update will be complete.

Tips while performing the Belkin router firmware update

  • When the update process is underway, it should not be interrupted at any cost.
  • When your update is complete, it is highly suggested for you to reboot the system completely
  • Finally after the update and reset, configure your router according to your connection.

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