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5 Reasons Why You Need to Completely Remove Malware from Office PCs

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Just like human beings, computers also get infections. With almost all of today’s business operations requiring internet access, many opportunities have been created for cyber criminals to attack PCs and get hold of private and confidential data.

Malware is an essential tool in the armory of a cyber criminal – one that won’t disappoint its master. To put it simply, malware is any intrusive software that is automatically installed in your systems and performs unwanted activities. Some common categories of malware include viruses, spyware, ransomware, and Trojan horses among many others.

Here are 5 things that malware can do to your office PCs and why you should immediately remove them:

System Crashes

System crashes can be a result of malware infection. That dreaded blue screen is never a good sight for anyone. These crashes can affect the overall productivity and efficiency of a company. Prevention is the key here. Scanning with a reliable antivirus may detect malware and prevent it from spreading its harmful consequences.

Decreased Speed

Malware has the power to impact the speeds of your office computers. When your business depends on high-speed internet and fast processing of applications, speed slowdown may prove to be a real nuisance. From files transfer to e-mail communication, it may hamper a lot of your businesses activities. Make sure that you know if it’s the malware that is causing issues; as sometimes, hard drive space or hardware problems may be the reasons.

Unwanted Pop-ups

Pop-ups are not just irritating; they may be signs of some deeper underlying issues. They may have a malware threat hidden in them and the hacker may want you to click them. As a safety precaution, do not click these pop-ups. Also, be wary of the applications you download.

Unmonitored Network Activity

A malware can cause your network to run wild. Even when your employees don’t use the internet as often it will show an unusual amount of increased network activity. Make sure you immediately check for a malware infection and if you can’t get hold of the situation, hire professionals immediately.

Disarmed Security Solutions

A malware may cause your security systems to malfunction and hence, leave you defenseless against them. This can prove to be a major setback for your company as all of your data is at stake now. Moreover, some of the malware are so strong that they can easily breach your traditional antivirus program.

For complete protection against malware attack, hiring antivirus support professionals may prove to be a good option. With years of experience in the IT industry, we at Excel Tech Guru provide efficient online antivirus support. From troubleshooting malware to optimizing your computer speed, we have got all the skills in our repertoire.

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