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0x00000101 Error

How to resolve 0x00000101 Error in windows 10?

0x00000101 error in windows 10

The errors displayed by your Windows are its way of relaying, that your OS could be facing some technical problems, either during or after an update. Different error codes signify different causes and solutions. In this particular article you can find out more about the 0x00000101 Error in windows 10, by continuing to read on below – where we have listed all possible reasons and solutions for it.

Basis for its occurence :

There are a few different reasons why the the 0x00000101 Error in windows 10 occurs. It is pertinent for you to gauge which one of these plague your system, for you to find an effective solution to troubleshoot:

  • When your system’s processor is not processing or has been deadlocked.
  • If the cooperation between the cores and threads is compromised.

It should be noted that this deadly error is more often than not, related to your Windows having processor problems.

How to fix 0x00000101 Error in windows 10?

It is a good thing that before you have to call up a Microsoft technician for help, we have a few troubleshooting ways that you can attempt yourself in a bid to fix it:

It could be your BIOS

  • Begin by checking if a new version available from your Windows updates option.
  • Visit the run dialogue box.
  • Type in the code, msinfo32 and look for any potential updates.
  • Download its latest version and check to see if the 0x00000101 Error in windows 10 still persists.

msinfo32 to check 0x00000101 Error in windows 10

Shift to safe mode

  • The safe mode allows you to operate your device with the elimination of any extra interface, thus making it work smoothly.
  • From the start up settings, click on the option to restart your device.
  • While it happens, press on F4 and the safe mode shall be enabled.
  • After this you will be able to proceed with the Windows 10 update, without any errors.

safe mode

A system file check

  • The SFC tool is helpful in finding and eliminating any kind of corrupted files in your system.
  • Go to the taskbar that pops up after pressing the Windows key with S.
  • While being logged in as administrator, type in ‘cmd’.
  • Hit enter with this command and all your files will be checked for corruption.



Uninstalling apps

  • Another way to fix the 0x00000101 Error in windows 10 would be to uninstall any similar apps or third party apps from your system.
  • Go to the list of all the apps installed and check for those which are making your system collide.
  • Uninstall them all from the settings bar.

A DISM tool

  • This tool is meant for fixing any corruptions in the Windows image files of your system.
  • Type in cmd in the run dialogue box and proceed to click yes on the popup.
  • Enter the command for a DISM image file cleanup and wait until the execution is completed.

dism tool

Update drivers

  • Another reason for 0x00000101 Error in windows 10 could be the presence of unfit drivers, which have been damaged or worn down.
  • You can check the condition of all your drivers from the Device manager, the one’s marked yellow are in need of an update.
  • Visit the run dialogue box and enter the command for the device manager, a right click on it will lead you to the option to update them.
  • You can try to open your OS once more, to check if the error has been solved or not.

Restoring your system

  • If even after trying all the above methods of troubleshooting, your 0x00000101 Error in windows 10 hasn’t been fixed it could indicate you are missing a corrupted part.
  • In which case it would be better to perform a complete system restore for your PC.

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