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Error 1073740791

[Fixed] Error 1073740791 in windows 10

error 1073740791 in windows 10

When you are in the middle of updating your operating system it is a common problem to have unrelenting errors pop up and hinder the process. If you happen to be facing the Error 1073740791 in windows 10, we are here to tell you all about fixing it in a few simple steps.

Why does Error 1073740791 in windows 10 occur?

There are a couple of basic reasons why users have to deal with this error. The first one can be due to a fault in the hard drive, which has a number of ways to be fixed. The second reason can be an issue in the sound scheme of your PC.

Requirements :

If you have decided to follow this guide to solve the Error 1073740791 in windows 10, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Users should not be logged into the system, under the admin account.
  • It will be much easier to follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps, if you power up your system in the safe mode. It will allow you to skip several permissions, while attempting to fix the problem. You can open the safe mode by:
  1. Opening the run dialogue box.
  2. You will find a space to type in a code, MSConfig.
  3. After which you should find a boot tab containing the safe boot option.
  4. You should apply it and restart your system to open the safe mode.

safe mode to resolve Error 1073740791 in Windows 10

How to resolve Error 1073740791 in windows 10?

We have compiled a few different fixes for the Error 1073740791 in windows 10, for users to follow them easily. However before you begin to really troubleshoot the problem, make sure that you haven’t been logged into the system under administrator.

  • A check disk scan

If any of your particular file in your system is the cause of the problem, then the chkdsk command is a viable solution to locate the problem and then undertake a repair procedure, as follows:

  1. Press on the Windows key and R to open up the Run box.
  2. Enter cmd and open the command prompt.
  3. Click on yes for the scan permit.
  4. Wait for all the drives to be scanned and then check once again if the error has been resolved or not.


  • With a System file checker command

The SFC is used to check for the presence of any corrupted files in your system. This command is useful for the simultaneous scan and repair of any files which might be causing Error 1073740791 in windows 10.

  1. Open the command prompt as an administrator, by a right click.
  2. You will then be asked to authorize the access, press on yes.
  3. Enter the command for a scan, sfc/scannow.
  4. Your system will then automatically begin with the repair process.
  5. After it is completed, proceed to reboot your system and check for the error.



  • Set the theme to default

It can sometimes be that users change the working theme of their Windows 10, which leads them to troubles in their system files and errors. We have listed a method for you to switch it back to default:

  1. Go to the settings on the menu.
  2. Visit the personalisation page, and go to the list of themes available and select the default one.
  3. Apply it on your Windows and power the system off.
  4. When you turn it on again, the Error 1073740791 in windows 10 should be gone.

personalisation theme

  • A reset of the hoarded up data

Also referred to as cache, can lead to errors such as this. The only way to solve it is to reset it with a code by visiting the run dialogue box.

If none of the ways provided above seem to work for you, try to sign in using a new account altogether. You can also call up the customer service to get their expertise on the subject.

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