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Pros and Cons of Top Printer Brands and Why Online Printer Support Services are Important


Printers are among the most complex parts of technical products to purchase. You realise that the actual expense of any kind of printer is incorporated in the ink. And perhaps, the long-term servicing accumulates as well

Dell has good printers. They’ve got a distinct manufacturer product line, which deals with any printing requirements you may want to have. Prices are also good. Positive of Dell is their fast customer support. If you are looking for good customer support, go for Dell printers.

Go for Brother’s printers if you are have mid to low volumes of printing work. They are also good for quick printing, faxing and sanning documents. Black and White prints are best obtained from Brother’s printers. Color prints are not that good though.

Cannon’s printers have a multitude of adaptability. They function efficiently for huge-volume personal printing, but are also suitable for medium scaled printing. Though there is mixed reviews of their print quality, they do a pretty good job for basic printing tasks. Cannon is one of the most popular printer buying option you can go for.

Xerox is best for medium to heavy printing activities. Xerox not only manages huge printing tasks efficiently but also has a long list of features for end user. Many Xerox printers support mobile and cloud based printing over Wi-Fi network and can be integrated with major smartphone brands.

HP printers come in wide range suitable for users with various needs. One positive thing about HP printers is their best printers have an output of more than 75,000 pages/month. They have a great text quality as well. They are mostly able to operate in duplex scan and copy mode.

Those are a few of the leading and top printer brands. Every single printer brand possesses its own flagship printer model, and in many instances, the leading models an excellent one for almost all medium and small enterprises to purchase. If you are looking for online printer support services, call ExcelTechGuru on their toll free number +1-888-479-5919

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Understanding Windows 10 S and how exactly does it differ from regular windows 10 OS?

Almost a year back, Microsoft released Windows 10 S, a completely new version of its popular operating system designed to incorporte several brand new persoanl computers in the coming future. What coild it be, howmuch would it be and excatlt how is it different from Wndows 10 previous versions?

Windows 10 S is really a fully-fledged form of Windows 10developed for low-range personal computers along with educational Computer systems as well as several advanced pcs, including the new Microsoft Surface Laptop.

According to Microsoft the “S” doesn’t stand for anything in particular, but the company says Windows 10 S is streamlined for simplicity, security and speed. Windows 10 S will boot 15 seconds faster than a comparable machine running Windows 10 Pro with the same profile and apps installed, and it will run as fast on day 1,000 as it does on day one, Microsoft says.

The huge distinction Windows 10 S and any other Windows 10 versions is the fact that 10 S is only able to perform software downloaded through the Windows Application Store. Almost every other Windows 10 offers thechoice to deploy applications from third-party sites and vendors.
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Windows 10 S also came with Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption system for locking down your data files in case there is hacking, old versions of Windows 10 Home does not provide. It is going to obtain the similar upgrades simultaneously as other versions of Windows 10.

Important factor you need to know is the fact that Home windows 10 S was created using the classroom in consideration. Since Windows 10 S is really a lightweight OS created for an educational setting, there are numerous constraints which might be suitable for teachers and academic people, although not well suited for entrepreneurs and business people. If you are looking for microsoft support services, you can call on toll-free number +1-888-479-5919

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Reasons why investing in Antivirus Software has become a necessity in today’s data driven world

The need of having an antivirus software is rapidly increasing in this internet and digital world. Simply because the quantity of data produced, saved and also transferred each and every day as well as the trust of companies in this precious goods movement to carry on without hurdles. Consequently, the power of information assets has risen drastically as well as the need to safeguard information. Whenever you safeguard your information, you must take into account the following important components:


64-bit OS platforms are usually more protected: upgrading 32-bit operating systems significantly older than newer 64-bit operating systems can help to eliminate the volume of attacks that take place. With features for example Address Space Design Scrambling (SCRIR) and essential Driver Signing Signing (MDS), 64-bit platforms are inherently safer and powerful than the earlier versions. Outdated operating systems and program could make the device susceptible: Companies release software updates to correct weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the software. If upgrades aren’t implemented on a regular basis, your computer will end up prone to strike as time passes. When deciding on an antivirus program, consider cloud based antivirus programs that is continually updated with the latest security patches. Untrustworthy and also unsafe website pages can invade adware and spyware: some websites contain malware that may pass on in your system as well as network assuming they proceed undetected for several days. A typical procedure for infection is phishing: an identity coming from a identical trustworthy website is employed to get you to check out a possibly damaging website. Antivirus consists of Web filtering functions that separate outside visitors to make sure that it’s not at all exposed to sites such as this.


E-mail attachments could be malicious: E-mail attachments might have spyware and adware created to run while they are launched or previewed within the e-mail application. To avoid being attacked, do not permit automatic launching of attachments. Setup your antivirus to check out attachments prior to starting up  and stay cautious whenever starting email messages coming from unidentified people or organizations.. Spam filters also assist to get rid of undesirable mess as well as e-mails out of your  mailbox. The antivirus software programs primarily operate when they are set up the right way: against the intuitive, a large number of consumers choose not to utilize all the functions provided by antivirus packages. Advanced cloud antivirus systems, are really easy to set up and also have a wide variety of characteristics created to protect the computer and avoid malware.


The production of malware is usually an process: malicious software as well as hacking have grown to be significant industry and possess profitable incentives for individuals associated. Cyber criminals are geared toward shoppers simply because they’re effortlessly exploitable and in most cases possess zero safety measures from the most basic kinds of spyware and adware. You can easily prevent being taken advantage of by malicious software simply by using a total and simple to manage antivirus system.

When thinking about an antivirus seller, pick a recognized as well as reliable merchant and think about these crucial criteria to guarantee that the selection of antivirus software packages has full functionalities recommended to guarantee the protection, security, and prevention of one’s ecosystem.  Antivirus comes in different options which are easy to manage and monitor. They provide end user al the updates and work in the background monitoring all the web activities on the system. For more information on how Antivirus software offers security and want to discuss which antivirus program would be right for your use, visit our Online Antivirus Support website.

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