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Canon printer tr4500 setup

Canon Printer TR4500 Setup | Canon TR4500 Wireless Setup

Canon Printer TR4500 Setup: Canon printers have become the most renowned and purchased brand among users. It is preferred for professional as well as personal use by the users, that is, the users can keep Canon printer at their office as a common printer for use by several colleagues, and also at their homes for use by family members. Thus, its usage is vast. A canon printer guarantees several new features and the best print quality to the users, thus followed by the easy and the most promising servicing, if in need of. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the complete Canon printer tr4500 setup. So, even if you are a non-tech person, do not worry at all! We are here to guide you with the easiest ways by which you can on your own, do the Canon printer tr4500 setup.

Unboxing the Canon Printer tr4500:

The Canon Printer tr4500 comes securely packed in a package, to avoid any damages that might be caused during the shipments.

So, make use of the scissors to open the carton and unbox it, thus, making sure that all the supplies are delivered in their best condition. Then take out the printer carefully and place it in a well cleaned and ventilated area, and then remove and discard all the protective tapes on your printer.

The next step is to insert the power cable to the power supply and at the back of the printer and then switch on the Canon printer tr4500 and set the basic settings. Then open the rear tray and place a stack of paper on it, and close it. Then you need to install the cartridges into the appropriate slots.

Below we have mentioned the appropriate ways of the Canon Printer tr4500 setup. It is a complete setup guide that the users can use, as it has easy steps to perform to set up the newly bought Canon Printer tr4500.

Canon printer tr 4500 setup

Canon printer tr4500 setup:

Here are the few steps which you need to follow for the Canon printer tr4500 setup.

Step 1: The first step is to press the setup button A and then use the left or right arrow button to select the device settings. Once selected, then click OK.

Step 2: Select the LAN Settings and then chose the OK button and after that chose the mode of connection that you are willing to use, and press OK to proceed forward.

Step 3: When the wifi is set, select Setup->Wifi setup->OK. Then select a wireless connection setup method in the Wifi setup screen. So, once your printer has been connected to a wireless router, connect your PC also with the wireless router in the Wifi settings screen on the device.

Step 4: When you are changing the wireless direct settings, press Setup->Device Settings-> LAN Settings -> Wireless Direct -> Change Name (SSID) -> Change Password -> OK. After that, you have to update the SSID and Password. The changed SSID and Password can be seen on the display screen.

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Hence, this was an entire setup that has been mentioned above that will help the users to unbox and set up the Canon Printer tr4500. But, if the users face any issue regarding the setup or even an error or an issue in the normal working of their respective Canon Printers tr4500, they should contact the Canon Customer Care Service at The experts at Canon are well trained and highly knowledgeable to provide the users with the best solutions to solve their problems. They will even come up at your place and set up your printer at your convenience. Hence, the Canon Customer Care Service is open and reachable to its customers 24X7. They will give you the best possible solutions!

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Frequently Asked Question

Users have the dual option of connecting their Canon TR4500 printers to computers via wireless connectivity as well as with a wired connection. You will need a stable wifi network for a wireless connection which will also enable you to print from anywhere, with any device. Whereas a USB cable and close proximity to a modem and computer system is required for a wired connection.
You can install the Canon TR4500 driver either with the CD that comes accompanied with the printer or by visiting the official website. Here’s how: • Open a web browser and go to canon’s official website. • Type the exact name and model number of your printer on the search bar and hit enter. • You can then select the result that matches with your device; users can also further segregate the list displayed with the compatibility of the operating system. • Double click on the download link and save the .exe or .dmg file based on which device you are using. • Extract the contents of the file and proceed with the installation process. • Click yes on the pop ups that ask for permissions. • You can follow the instructions wizard for a smooth installation. • Click, agree on the license agreement and once the driver has been set up, reboot the system to save the changes.
If you are trying to scan a document from your TR4500, and the machine refuses to identify the input or fails to recognise it, it could be due to a myriad of different reasons, here’s what you can do to fix some of these issues and get the scanner to work again: • Check the wires and make sure that the printer is connected securely with the computer. • Check the status of the scanner. • One of the most beginner and basic method for fixing issues such as this is to, plug everything out and restart the both the devices once again. • If the connection is wireless, then check if the internet is working properly or not. • Check if the driver needs to be updated, if it still does not work then it could be due to some kind of corruption for which you can reinstall the driver once again.
If you have the advantage of having a stable Wi-Fi connection, then it would be advisable to go for setting up your printer with a wireless connection. It will enable you to connect to the device from anywhere, without having to be in close proximity to it. Follow these steps to connect it: • Locate the WPA button on the outer display panel and press it for a few seconds. • Wait for a while, until it starts blinking and goes into setup mode. • Open the network setup page from the official website and click on download – you can find it in front of the printer model name. • Click yes on permissions. • It might take a couple of minutes to get installed, click yes on the license agreement. • Choose the Wi-Fi option since that is what we are going for. • Enter the password and SSID details for the Wi-Fi and attach a data cord for a LAN connection. • Once the network has been connected, and the flashing lights for the WPA and Wi-Fi will become stable.
Yes, a wireless connection is one of the many plus points of the TR4500. It has the functions to connect with a computer or a smartphone or tablet to the printer via a wireless LAN. You can use a Wi-Fi direct setup for establishing such a connection.
Canon printers are equipped with several different kinds of connectivity options. Here’s how your printer can be hooked with a laptop easily: • Make sure that the printing machine has been powered off beforehand. • Take a USB cable and attach both ends of it to the designated slots on the printer as well as your laptop. • Once the wire has been plugged in, turn the device on and open the start menu on the desktop. • There you will see the option to go to the control panel, and the hardware option – click on it. • You will be reditrected to a list of different hardwares, out of which you have to select the scanners and printers. • Tap on add printer and choose your particular printer model from the list that appears. • Select the name, add it and hit next. • You can also choose to save the device as your default printer and then click on next.
If your printer is not displaying its connectivity to your computer, then it could be due to a couple of different reasons. Finding out the reasons might be helpful for you to figure out a solution: • Check if the printer is powered on. • If your wireless router has lost its internet connection. • An issue like this can usually be resolved by switching all the devices off and then turning them back on again. • If the devices have been configured to different ports.
You can connect the printer, both with a cable and wirelessly. Find the steps for both these methods below: Wired • Attach devices with a data cable, and click on the start button. • Go to the control panel and proceed to the sound and hardware options. • You can then choose the model name and number of your particular printer from the list of devices displayed. • Add device and select a port for connection. Wireless • Press the 'Menu' button. • Select 'System'. • Select 'Admin Menu'. • Select 'Network'. • Select 'Wireless Setup'. • Select your network from the list. • Enter your network passphrase. • Print a Settings Report to confirm the printer has successfully joined your wireless network.
If you are not able to connect your canon printer to a network and it is displaying a cannot connect to internet message, then chances are that the problem is not that serious in most cases. It happens due to: • A badly connected USB cable. • If the printer has shifted to sleep mode due to a long period of inactivity. • If the printer has been paused. • In case a paper is stuck in the tray causing an error. • Issue with an external internet connection. • It can also be due to a third party virus attack or a corrupt driver or file.
If you would like to operate your TR4500 with your Iphone, make sure that the driver you install is compatible with the operating system. Here’s how the connection can be setup: • Download and Install the print inkjet app on your phone from the app store. • Scan the app for all nearby printer devices. • Click on the model name of the printer you want to connect and use it to print pictures or documents remotely from the apple smartphone.
The process for connecting your TR4500 to Wi-Fi is relatively simple after you locate a few buttons on the outer panel of your printer: • Plug the printer to a power source and turn it on. • Locate the WPA button on the outer display panel and press it for a few seconds. • After leaving the button the wireless symbol’s light should start blinking. • Find the access point and hold it down too for a while until the lamp starts flashing. • The flashing lights are an indication that the device is ready for the canon tr4520 setup for an Internet connection.

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