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Canon PIXMA Paper Feed Problem? |

Canon Printers offers its users with many advanced features and technology. But despite having these types of facilities in the end it is an electronic device and it faces issues, like the Paper feed problem. Are you facing the Canon PIXMA Paper feed problem? Users ask frequently questions like how to fix the Canon PIXMA Paper feed problem? What are the methods to fix it? Reasons behind the printer paper feed problem. If you are having the same questions you can read the following article to know how to fix the problem.

Canon PIXMA Paper Feed Problem

This article is all about to enlighten you what are the causes of the printer paper feed problem? What is the PIXMA Paper feed problem ? and How to Fix the Paper feed problem?

If you are facing this problem, you must read this blog for sure. Often, when are you working with the printer users complaints that the Paper feed problem has arisen. The paper feed problem is often seen in Canon Printer series like MG2500,MG3500,MG3550,MG5550,Canon PIXMA ip100,Canon MF3010,Canon PIXMA Pro100.

Causes of Canon PIXMA Paper feed problem

1.Empty ink cartridges.
2.Use of improper or damaged cartridges.
3. Foreign materials stuck inside the printer.
4.Usage of the improper size of paper.
5.Using low-quality paper.
6.Improper setting of the Paper in the tray.

Steps to Fix the Canon Pixma Paper feed problem

Step 1: First and foremost, users are advised to ensure that the paper must be loaded properly in the paper tray of the printer. It is essential to load paper properly because improper loading can affect printing. Users must use proper quality papers to avoid these issues, the loading paper can be of any type. It can be plain paper, photo paper, or even an envelope.

Step 2: Next, you have to perform the loading check, for you are required to follow some steps, the following steps are given below.

  1. When you are loading the tray, with two or more sheets, so before loading it check the edges of the paper cause a minor fold can jam the printing process and the Paper feed problem can occur.
  2. When you want to load two or more sheets of paper in the Paper tray ensure that the paper loading limit of the printer should not be exceeded by the stacks, it might cause the error. Eventually, the proper feeding of paper is the most necessary thing to do while you are loading the tray with a bundle of sheets. However, it is impossible to control such a large number of quantity it is caused due to the reasons like the type of papers or due to the external environmental conditions. Though in such cases, you are recommended to reduce the number of sheets that you are loading every time into the tray. To fix this you only need to limit the number of sheets to 50% of the paper load limit.
  3. Next, you have to note a point that you are always going to load the paper in the portrait orientation, not in landscape type and essentially you have to correct the printing orientation which is also an essential factor.
  4. After you load the printing paper into the tray, you are advised to try to load the printer with the upward-facing print side. Ensure that the paper stack against is being aligned on the right side of the Paper tray. Consequently, slide the paper guide correctly so that it just touches the stack on its left half.

Step 3: Now ensure that you don’t use thick or curled paper for printing. Thus, it will be very easy for you to control the type of media which is used by your Canon Printer.

Paper-like wrinkled paper, glitter paper, postcards, adhesive paper, the gummed paper you must not use for printing cause this type of paper can cause harm to your printers, like a paper jam or improper functioning.

Step 4: Now, you have to accordingly perform the following points which are mentioned below to load the envelopes for fixing the Canon Pixma paper feed problem.

Loading Check

  1. While you want to print on envelopes, first you are required to properly check the paper printing style before loading it. Before you start printing you must prepare the envelopes.
  2. After you complete preparing the envelopes, you are recommended to load them properly in portrait orientation into the paper tray. Remember if you have placed the envelopes in the landscape orientation, they will not feed properly and won’t work.

Step 5: Then you are required to do the selection of the proper media type and the paper size settings according to the loaded paper.

Step 6: Users are also told to check inside of the printer to ensure that no foreign materials are stuck inside the printer. If any material is stuck it can cause a jam in printing. You are advised to fix it first. Turn off the device unplug it, open it, and clean the inner half of the printer.

Step 7: After all the above stages you must clean the Paper feed roll it is very much important to clean it. Cleaning of the Paper feed roll is necessary and cleaning.

it will wear the Paper feed roller part, thus users are recommended to perform this procedure if it is necessary otherwise don’t.

Canon Printer Customer Support Help by Excel tech Guru

If you still find it difficult to fix the error by yourself you can get in touch with the experts’ Dial Canon Printer Customer support Number . Here, you will receive Step by Step Guidance To Fix this error of your own.

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