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Brother Printer Error 35

How To Fix Brother Printer Error 35?

Brother printer is one of the widely purchased brands these days and is used almost everywhere, be it at home, at offices, colleges, schools, etc. It is just because of its good quality printing, affordable prices, and some of the promising features that it provides. But, as we all know, being a technical device, some of the other glitches are bound to occur in it. So, here we will discuss the Brother printer error 35 that the users face during the operation of the Brother printer.

After reading this article, you will be clear with how Brother printer error code 35 is caused, that is, the reason behind its cause, and also the ways to fix this issue by just a few simple steps.

Causes behind Brother Printer Error 35

No doubt that the Brother printers are highly featured, have long durability and endurance, and the best print quality. This is the reason that this brand is preferred by so many users these days. This brand has plenty of models, depending upon the requirements and the demand of the organizations and the consumers. So, you have a lot to choose from! But, since it is a technical device and thus, is bound to face issues in its normal working at times. So, here we are mentioning a few reasons or causes behind the Brother Printer Error 35.

  • This error usually comes with the issue of “Unable to Print”. So, this means your printer is facing a problem because of which it is unable to print like the usual. This can happen when a piece of paper, or maybe an entire paper is stuck inside your printer.
  • Another reason can be an issue with the mechanical part of your printer, due to which your printer is unable to print normally.

How to Fix Brother Printer Error 35?

Here are certain ways and steps that you need to follow to fix the problem of Brother Printer Error 35:

  • The first step is to cancel all the pending printing commands or activities that have been queued already. Because such undone or incomplete tasks cease your printing from printing the usual aligned tasks.
  • Then the next step is to open the Printhead of your printer, carefully.
  • Now, check thoroughly on every side of your printer inside that there is no paper stuck in it. If you find even a tiny bit of paper stuck in there, then remove it.
  • The next step is to move the printhead from left to right to recheck if still any paper is stuck in there or not. If it is, then remove it slowly, without harming the printhead.
  • Then, also open the Jam clear cover that is there at the back of the printer, to check the same issue of any jammed paper there as well.
  • So, this way you check completely inside the printer at every corner and side of the printer for any paper or bit of paper stuck in there.

This might resolve the error code 35 that you see on your screen. If you still see it being displayed on your screen, which means, still if your problem is unsolved, then you can once perform the basic troubleshooting in your device.

  • For performing the basic troubleshooting, switch off the power of your printer and also the device (computer or laptop) with which your printer is connected. Also, remove the power cords of the devices.
  • Then wait for 5-7 minutes, and replug the power cords in your devices, which is the printer and the PC.
  • Switch on your printer, and try printing a document again.

Fix Brother Printer Error 35 With Professional Experts

If you Fail to resolve Brother Printer Error 35 by the above-mentioned solutions then You can Dial Toll-Free 1-878-999-8893 Brother Printer Customer Service Number. They are available 24X7 for their users and provide the Best assistance required to solve any issue regarding their Brother Printer.

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