4 Security Measures To Keep in Mind in 2018 For Your Computers and Mobiles

With new year 2018 just started, it’s perfect time for organizations to re-evaluate their cyber-security techniques and decide if your controls and practices set up are sufficient to ensure that they’re protected from cyber-threats. One thing we all can depend upon in the new year is the hazard situation not getting any much better. Contrary, it it’s very likely to worsen.

Knowing that, listed here are four security predictions to bear in mind while you take a look at security measures:

1. Mobile Threats

Mobile attacks are rising because of the proliferation of cellular devices and apps. As companies of any size more and more depend on mobile phone applications to improve functionality and productivity, online hackers will target flaws during these apps to interrupt into systems and steal data.

2. Security in IoT

Because the adoption from the IoT accelerates, same goes with the safety risks connected with connected “things.” IoT devices missing sufficient native security will give you an enormous target for online hackers.

3. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has proven so financially rewarding for hackers, it is bound to remain a significant threat for organizations for your possible future. Cybercriminals will keep to use phishing and obtaining innovative intrusions to generate ransomware. They’re going to realize your aspirations in gathering ransom from subjects often enough to carry on to utilize ransomware as a good cyberattack strategy.

4. Software Intrusions

It appears any time you change, there’s another software vulnerability that should be patched. This issue will persist and obtain worse because attack surfaces are growing because of mobile and IoT apps. Keeping systems updated by making use of security patches every time they can be found and tested will end up increasingly more important. Automating the operation is a great way.


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5 Step Action Plan To Do Right Now To Secure Office Workstations

When we talk about office workstations, security is the first thing that comes to our mind. There should be absolutely no compromise with security of office computers and network. Let us see 5 steps action plan you can take right now to secure your office workstations.

1. Get a good high quality anti-virus program

There are many antivirus services available in market today but we need to make sure that we buy from trusted seller providing good reliable antivirus support. We need to have a proper antivirus software that will detect viruses and Trojan horse programs;  It should also have anti-spam  module to control spam which can have malicious code and links to unprotected web sites. Another important module it should have is anti-phishing program to detect financial hacking. We have listed top choices of antivirus programs for offices below.


1.        Kaspersky Internet Security Support

2.        Avast Antivirus Security Support

3.        ESET NOD32 Antivirus Support

4.        Vipre Antivirus Support

5.        Bitdefender Antivirus Support

6.        Malware Antivirus Support


2. Encrypt your office Wi-Fi

We need to use strong encryption when it comes to Wi-Fi password.  You should use Enterprise(EAP) mode of WPA/WPA2 security at offices so that employees don’t see encryption password and also it is not saved in computers and devices


3. Physically secure network and USB ports

Office admin team should make all network devices private and hidden from visitors. Devices that needs to be secured are routers and switches. If ports are in no use then they should be not be connected to the network.


4. Filtering MAC Address

We have workstations that are connected to the network on everyday basis. So you can identify them by unique MAC address. Other computers will not be allowed to access the network


5. Restrict Access

Network admins should make sure proper access is granted to proper teams and shared folders are properly managed. Businesses should restrict access to important files on network. Non- approved devices and laptops of visitors should be strictly restricted.

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Why ESET is top choice for security and how ESET customer support takes it to a different level

Last month, ESET won Bronze Award of the 2017 Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP).  The Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards are perceived over the business and mean to distinguish the organizations that clients love the most. Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards for Endpoint Protection Platforms are the results of checked end client surveys of big business review clients.  The honors are a positioning of sellers by checked end-client experts—which incorporates IT experts or business clients who have had encounter obtaining, actualizing as well as utilizing the undertaking arrangement they are auditing. The honors consider both the quantity of surveys and the general client reviews.  This shows ESET customer support is top notch in the industry.


In this specific classification, Gartner said “EPP gives an collection package of security capacities to ensure PCs, cell phones and tablets. EPP is an incorporated arrangement that has the accompanying capacities: hostile to malware, individual firewall, port and gadget control.” The 116 end-client surveys of ESET Endpoint Security yielded a score of 4.7 out of 5 over all criteria including item abilities, incorporation and sending, administration and support, and client encounter. Subsequently, we were named one of the main four cybersecurity organizations offering the best endpoint security arrangements available. Clients have always praised and appreciated ESET customer support as one of the main reasons why they prefer eset.

“We are proud to get this Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Award and we trust it is a genuine demonstration of the quality items we give our clients,” said Jeronimo Varela, Executive of Global Sales.”At ESET, we trust each individual and business ought to have the capacity to appreciate innovation securely and we pride ourselves on offering arrangements that enable them to do only that. As we would like to think, to have close flawless audits, no matter how you look at it, from end-client experts indicates we are conveying on what we set out to.” You can check full report on Gartner’s website

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