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How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to Wi-Fi | 1-878-999-8893

Canon MG2522 is an all in one color inkjet printer. It has the feature to scan and copy your documents too. This printer is supported on both the operating systems, that is Windows and Mac. When you start installing your printer, you might face some difficulties. This blog will give you guided instructions on how to connect the canon mg2522 printer to Wi-fi.
There is no screen in the Canon mg2522 printer. However, there are some buttons that will help you to connect the printer to the Wi-fi network.
There are two ways that you can use to connect the Canon mg2522 printer to a Wi-fi router and computer:
1. Wi-Fi
2. USB

Connect Canon Mg2522 Printer to Wi-fi

How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to Wi-Fi

Follow the instructions given below to connect your canon mg2522 printer to Wi-fi:
1. First of all, turn ON your Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer by pressing the Power Button.
2. Next, install the latest version of Canon MG2522 Printer drivers on the computer. You can get it from the official website.
3. After you are done with this, press the Wi-Fi button on the printer.
4. When you do this the Wireless Light will start blinking.
5. Ince you complete these steps, your printer will start searching for nearby networks.
6. Now you need to select the desired Wi-fi network for your printer. Then enter the password of the router or Wi-fi.
7. After this, the printer will automatically connect to your Wi-fi.
8. Now the connection has been successfully completed and your printer is ready to print.
How to Connect MG2522 Printer by using USB Cable

Follow the steps given below to connect your Canon MG2522 printer by using a USB cable:

1. First of all, turn ON your Canon Mg 2522 printer by using Power Button.
2. After that download and install the drivers for the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer on your computer.
3. Once the installation is complete, connect the USB cable to the Printer and the Computer.
4. After that, go to the Control Panel of your computer and select Canon Mg2522 as the default printer.
5. Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, your printer is connected and ready to print.
If you follow the above mention method step by step and carefully, you should be able to connect the Canon mg 2522 printer to Wi-fi without facing any difficulty.

However, in case you still face problems and don’t know how to connect the Canon mg2522 printer to Wi-fi or USB then you can take the help of Chat Support.

you can also call Canon Printer support on Toll-Free to seek help from the experts.


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